BBXIt looks like RIM is working hard to bounce back to its feet after posting disappointing results for Q2 this year. The sales of the new BlackBerry phones have been doing alright, and the PlayBook tablets received a price cut so things should get better as well. And now, we’ve got some interesting rumors about what RIM has in store for us at this month’s developer’s conference – better known as the BlackBerry DevCon.

According to the folks at CrackBerry, who confirmed with their multiple sources, RIM will be unveiling a new name for the QNX-based BlackBerry platform at the DevCon in October. The name of the platform? BlackBerry X – or BBX for short. While we’re inclined to think that BBX stands for BlackBerry 10 (X is 10 in Roman numerals) – BBX is supposed to represent the merging of the BlackBerry OS with together with QNX, the operating system used on the PlayBook.

While it’s been mentioned in the past before (RIM using QNX for future BlackBerry devices), we didn’t think RIM would get to it this quickly – after all the company’s latest BB devices were only released recently. Then again, this isn’t any indication to when BBX is going to be released, but it looks like it’s RIM isn’t going to rest on its laurels this time around. Stay tuned for more news from the BlackBerry DevCon this month.

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