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New WhatsApp Version Hits BlackBerry World
WhatsApp is an extremely popular instant messaging app that has millions of users all around the world. The thing is, not all mobile platforms support WhatsApp. Having said that, a spanking new version of WhatsApp has already arrived on BlackBerry World, letting you communicate with your friends who are not on BBM (BlackBerry Messenger).

Facebook Beta Arrives On BlackBerry World
It must be noted that the Beta version of Facebook remained in the BlackBerry Beta Zone ever since the middle of December last year, and after a fair bit of waiting, it looks as though it has made its way over to BlackBerry World. Do be wary and take note, however, that there are different versions of the updated app out there, and the particular one which you will be […]

BlackBerry World Promotes BlackBerry Classic
BlackBerry World happens to be a place where many BlackBerry users happen to check out – some on a more religious basis than the rest, frequently, hence it is not surprising at all to hear that the company would decide to use BlackBerry World as a platform to put up information concerning the new BlackBerry Classic that is about to be released in due time.

BlackBerry World To Be Updated
What about BlackBerry World and some of its latest developments? Apparently, this particular platform is well on its way to receiving an update, and this particular update will only cater to those devices that will run on BlackBerry 10.2 or higher. Heck, it does not even matter if your device is powered by leaked version, or even a developer version of 10.3, as those too, will see the update. In […]


BlackBerry World Will Reportedly Start Accepting Android Apps Soon
One of the reasons why BlackBerry’s handsets have been struggling in the market is because there’s a significant “app gap.” Consumers have come to expect unimaginable numbers of apps at their fingertips, which can easily be found on iOS and Android. Other platforms like BlackBerry and even Windows Phone are trying hard to catch up, but there’s still a significant gap to be covered. It seems that BlackBerry might be […]

20% Of Blackberry World's Purchases Are Music Related
There are plenty of places where one is able to purchase digital music, although for the most part, many people equate digital music purchases to iTunes, and rightfully so considering that many artists and groups make their songs available on Apple’s digital music platform alongside physical copies as well. However it looks like Blackberry World could catchup to iTunes in terms of digital music purchases, at least that’s what’s being […]

40% Of BlackBerry 10 Apps Are Android Ports
BlackBerry had quite the day yesterday as it finally unveiled BlackBerry 10, the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10. During their media event, they mentioned their BlackBerry World would be filled with 70,000 applications, but it seems a good amount of the applications that are available aren’t optimized for BlackBerry 10. In fact, it turns out they’re “wrapped Android applications.”VP of global alliances and business development Martyn Mallick spoke with reporters yesterday […]

BlackBerry World Goes Live
The stage is ready for the highly anticipated BlackBerry 10 launch. Interestingly, RIM’s newly rebranded storefront, BlackBerry World, has already gone live. A quick check to the storefront will reveal a wide selection of apps, games, music, and videos. It was just yesterday when RIM announced that BlackBerry World will include an extensive calatog of songs, TV shows, and movies from reputable studios and labels. However, do note that the […]

RIM Reduces Pricing Tier For Apps On BlackBerry World
Just over the weekend after renaming its BlackBerry App World to the much simpler and bolder BlackBerry World, Research In Motion revealed plans of updating the pricing tier on its apps on the storefront. RIM says that it will first update the British Pound (GPB) and Euro (EUR) currencies, and that updates to other currencies will follow shortly. Citing the reason for the adjustment, RIM says that it wants to […]

BlackBerry World To Include Extensive Catalog Of Songs, Movies, TV Shows
Following the announcement that BlackBerry App World will be re-branded to BlackBerry World, RIM, today, is announcing that the storefront will offer an extensive catalog of music, movies, and TV shows. RIM is pushing it further by boasting that most of its movies will be arriving at the store the same day they are released on DVD. Basically, the catalog will showcase content from all major studios, music labels, and […]

BlackBerry World Is New BlackBerry App World
What’s in a name? After all, doesn’t a rose smell just as sweet were it to be called by any other name? Well, Research In Motion (RIM) must know something that we don’t, having changed the name of its app store from BlackBerry App World to BlackBerry World. Hmmm, I do wonder whether there are any kind of unknown legal wranglings for RIM to drop the word “App” from the […]

RIM to rebrand "Blackberry App World" to just "Blackberry World"
The name “Blackberry App World” does not really have a ring to it and personally I thought it could have been named better. It looks like the folks at RIM have thought the same as well and in a tweet by the Canadian company, they have announced that the Blackberry App World will be no more – instead they are renaming it to Blackberry World, which in all honesty has […]

Facebook app for BlackBerry PlayBook announced
[Blackberry World] When the PlayBook first arrived, many people were disappointed with the lack of apps that were available with the device. As mentioned in our PlayBook review, there were no email, calendar, video chat, and even basic apps like Facebook present on the tablet when it arrived. Well it looks like RIM are working hard to address the issue and has announced the Facebook app for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Preview
[Blackberry World] Today, RIM unveiled its thinnest Smartphone to date, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9930 that features a touch interface alongside the “best keyboard ever”, according to RIM. At only 10.5 mm, the super-thin and relatively lightweight (130g) Bold 9900 sports a 1.2 GHz single core processor with a high performance graphics processor (GPU), a 2.8” VGA (640×480 – 287 dpi) capacitive touch screen display, 4G/ HDSPA+ support, 5 MP […]

BlackBerry PlayBook tablet Video Chat app announced
[Blackberry World] RIM has just announced that a new BlackBerry Video Chat app will be making its way over to the BlackBerry PlayBook. The app will finally allow PlayBook users to make video calls to other PlayBook users with RIM’s own app. As mentioned in our PlayBook review, the tablet didn’t come with an app out of the box, so it’s good to know that RIM is working hard to […]