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BlackBerry Z30 Might Have Been Quietly Discontinued By Verizon
Back in November of 2013, Verizon launched the BlackBerry Z30, but now it seems that less than a year later, the carrier could have discontinued selling the device. While an official confirmation or announcement has yet to be made by Verizon, the fact that it is not available for sale via their website seems to suggest that is indeed the case.The folks at BlackBerryOS have also taken it upon themselves […]

Unlocked BlackBerry Z30 Now Available In The US For $499
So the BlackBerry Z30 is not quite the newest smartphone in the market at the moment, where it was first made official in November 2013 via Verizon Wireless. Basically, for those who are interested in picking up the BlackBerry Z30 could do so only through Verizon, but all of that is set to change today. You no longer need to remain stuck to Verizon if you want the BlackBerry 10-powered […]

BlackBerry Z30 Apps Will Automatically Be Available For The BlackBerry Z3
During MWC 2014, BlackBerry announced the BlackBerry Z3. The handset is the first device that resulted from BlackBerry and Foxconn’s partnership and will be a device targeted at emerging markets, such as Indonesia for example.Unfortunately the full hardware specifications of the BlackBerry Z3 were not revealed during its announcement, but presumably it won’t be packing high-end hardware if BlackBerry and Foxconn expect to make it affordable. The good news is […]

T-Mobile Customers Petition For The BlackBerry Z30
BlackBerry isn’t doing so hot at the moment which is why it is not surprising to learn that carriers, such as T-Mobile, aren’t that interested in carrying their devices in-store anymore. That being said there are plenty of die-hard BlackBerry fans out there who might be feeling that it is a little unfair that T-Mobile has stopped selling BlackBerry devices in their store, while other carriers such as Verizon are […]


AT&T Compatible BlackBerry Z30 Shows Up At The FCC
A couple of months back the ailing Canadian manufacturer launched its first phablet, the BlackBerry Z30. It is offered in the U.S. exclusively by Verizon, but there exists the possibility that Verizon might lose this exclusivity in the near future. A BlackBerry Z30 variant compatible with AT&T has surfaced at the FCC, and while that’s no confirmation that the carrier is going to launch the phablet, it does give some […]

Amazon Offers Verizon's BlackBerry Z30 For $99.99
When the BlackBerry Z30 was launched, it was also revealed that the handset would eventually be making its way onto Verizon’s network where customers would be able to get their hands on the device for $199.99 on a new two-year contract with the carrier. While the Z30 isn’t exactly the most powerful smartphone available at the moment, and nor is BlackBerry an extremely popular operating system for mobile devices (it […]

BlackBerry OS For Z10 And Z30 Leaked
Four days back, we did talk about BlackBerry 10.2.1 purported screenshots that dropped hints concerning Google Play Store access. Well, it seems that the BlackBerry OS has been leaked in its entirety, where it will cater for two different models of smartphones from the Canadian company – namely the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Z30. So far, there was a similar operating system for the BlackBerry Q10 and BlackBerry […]

Verizon BlackBerry Z30 Launches November 14th For $199.99
After weeks of endless speculation and leaks, Verizon finally confirmed late last month that it is going to launch the BlackBerry Z30 later this month. At that time Big Red did not give a concrete release date for the device. BlackBerry’s new phablet is exclusive to Verizon in the U.S. and today the carrier announced when it will be available to current and prospective customers. Verizon BlackBerry Z30 will be […]

Verizon BlackBerry Z30 Launches This November For $199 On Contract
Just one day after the full press render of the device was leaked, Verizon today confirmed that it is going to launch the BlackBerry Z30 next month for $199 on contract. Big Red tweeted that the device will be available this November, though it didn’t reveal an exact date, so one can only guess when BlackBerry’s new phablet is going to be launched within the 30 days of November. Apparently […]

Verizon BlackBerry Z30 Render Leaked
Soon after BlackBerry officially announced the Z30 in September, Verizon confirmed that it will be carrying the device. The carrier is yet to provide a concrete release date, but it is believed that the BlackBerry Z30 will be launched on Verizon come October 31st. We’ve already seen a couple of renders of the Verizon Z30, the phablet has also been spotted in the wild. A new render has been leaked […]

BlackBerry Z30 To Arrive On Verizon 31st October
Back in September after months of being rumored and having its photos leaked, the BlackBerry Z30 was finally launched. There was no mention as to which carrier the handset will be making its way to in the states, although a leaked image did suggest that Verizon, at the very least, would be offering it. Well it turns out that is very true and not only will Verizon carry the device, […]

Rogers Decides To Sell The BlackBerry Z30 After All
Last week Rogers left fellow Canadians bewildered by announcing that it would not be offering the BlackBerry Z30. The ailing smartphone manufacturer’s first phablet was announced last month, customers would have expected Rogers to carry the device seeing as how its the largest carrier in Canada which has almost always carried BlackBerry devices. Rogers said last week that it believed it could satisfy its customers’ needs for a BB device with […]

BlackBerry Sells 200 Z30 Units In 2 Hours During Malaysian Launch
Despite BlackBerry not exactly being the hottest brand at the moment (although they did nab a spot on Top 100 Innovators of 2013), it seems that the company still has a handful of loyal customers as evidenced in Malaysia where the BlackBerry Z30 was launched a couple of days ago on the 5th of October. The handset was offered by local carrier, Celcom, and the launch saw about 100 individuals […]

BlackBerry Z30 Could See $700 Off-Contract Price Tag
The BlackBerry Z30 was officially announced a few weeks ago and we’re sure some of you guys are wondering just how much this bad boy will cost you. While it is not a guarantee that the US market or markets around the world will adhere to this price, you can use it as a rough indication of what to expect. Thanks to a leaked screenshot obtained by the folks at […]