new-blackberry-z3During MWC 2014, BlackBerry announced the BlackBerry Z3. The handset is the first device that resulted from BlackBerry and Foxconn’s partnership and will be a device targeted at emerging markets, such as Indonesia for example.

Unfortunately the full hardware specifications of the BlackBerry Z3 were not revealed during its announcement, but presumably it won’t be packing high-end hardware if BlackBerry and Foxconn expect to make it affordable. The good news is that despite it potentially being a low-end device, it will be able to run apps made for the BlackBerry Z30.

This is according to reports which has suggested that BlackBerry Z30 apps will be automatically made available for the BlackBerry Z3 in BlackBerry World. This will no doubt help make the phone more attractive since there will be supported apps at launch.

This is due to the fact that both phones share similar dimensions, such as its 5-inch display. However developers do have the option of opting out on this, perhaps choosing to launch their apps for the BlackBerry Z3 at a later time for whatever reason.

While this is good news for BlackBerry Z3 owners, it’s safe to say that apart from screen size, the innards of the phone will definitely be different from that of the Z30, so while apps might run on the phone, perhaps they might not necessarily provide the best experience. Either way we’ll just have to wait and find out.

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