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Major BMW i3 Redesign Expected Next Year
BMW launched the i3 to establish its presence in the nascent electric car market a few years ago and now that business appears to be booming in this particular segment of the market, it’s going to make a major push with the BMW i3 redesign. The revamped electric car is expected to be unveiled next year.

BMW Will Reuse i3 Electric Car Batteries As Home Energy Solution
Electric cars have big lithium-ion battery packs that enable it to hold enough charge to power the entire vehicle. Tesla’s electric cars can provide a range of up to 200 miles on a single charge and other car manufacturers are working on models with similar range. The BMW i3 electric car may not offer that much range but it’s going to enable customers to get more bang for their buck, […]

BMW Supplying Electric Cars To LAPD
Just last month it was reported that LAPD’s finest were thinking about using Tesla’s Model S electric cars for “high-pursuit” situations. The LAPD has been testing two Model S sedans on loan from Tesla but for now, it appears to have decided against acquiring these expensive sedans. It’s gone with BMW’s significantly cheaper i3 electric cars, despite the fact that they’re nowhere near as fast as a Model S.

BMW's Electric Car Gets More Range
BMW is making some upgrades to its i3 electric car. The range is the most important factor for an electric car and that’s one of the areas where BMW has focused on the 2017 model, which comes with a bigger battery and thus with more range. The bigger battery is set to increase the i3’s range from 80 miles to 114 miles.


BMW i3 Could Have Been The Basis For Apple’s Electric Car [Rumor]
There have been numerous reports suggesting that Apple is planning on building their own electric/self-driving car. Since it’s all rumors, there’s really no way of knowing if it is true. However according to a recent report from Manager Magazin (via 9to5Mac), additional details about Apple’s rumored car project has been revealed.According to the report, it seems that Apple and BMW were at some point in negotiations. Apparently the Cupertino company […]