bmw i3

Just last month it was reported that LAPD’s finest were thinking about using Tesla’s Model S electric cars for “high-pursuit” situations. The LAPD has been testing two Model S sedans on loan from Tesla but for now, it appears to have decided against acquiring these expensive sedans. It’s gone with BMW’s significantly cheaper i3 electric cars, despite the fact that they’re nowhere near as fast as a Model S.

Given that it hasn’t gone with the faster Model S, the BMW i3s will not be used by the LAPD for high-speed situations. Instead, these 100 i3 cars will be part of the department’s pool that’s routinely used by civilians, however, the electric cars will also be available to officers on routine assignments.

Basically, what this means is that should you be involved in a high-speed car chase in Los Angeles, you won’t see the cops try to catch you in an i3. Instead, they will be coming after you in something that’s powered by gasoline and happens to be much faster.

Aside from these electric cars, 104 charging stations are also part of this contract that has been awarded to BMW. LAPD now has a pool of 168 electric cars making it the proud owner of “the largest fully battery-powered municipal fleet” in the United States.

The LAPD decided against going for the Model S sedans primarily due to the fact that they cost almost double than the i3’s $42,000 price tag, availability of charging stations was another reason why Tesla was passed over for BMW.

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