bmw i3
BMW launched the i3 to establish its presence in the nascent electric car market a few years ago and now that business appears to be booming in this particular segment of the market, it’s going to make a major push with the BMW i3 redesign. The revamped electric car is expected to be unveiled next year.

Welt reports that BMW is planning the 2017 launch of the redesigned i3. The new car is said to come with both design and spec improvements. It’s said to tout a new battery which will provide additional range over and above the existing 186 mile range of the i3 with a range extending motor.

It’s not immediately clear just how much extra range the new car is going to offer and it may not be as significant as the 50 percent hike that the previous upgrade brought. Still, range remains one of the biggest concerns for customers looking to buy an electric car so this is something they certainly want more of.

The redesigned BMW i3 is also said to bring a redesigned front and rear which basically means that it’s going to look a lot different than the existing BMW i3. The launch will come at an interesting time for the EV market as mass-market offers from the likes of Chevrolet and Tesla arrive next year. It’s certainly not going to be smooth sailing for any of these companies.

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