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Al-Qaeda Could Have Invented Explosive Clothing
When it comes to technology and clothing, you can either go offensive or on the defensive. The latter would involve the likes of an invisibility cloak, something that has been worked on for quite some time now with mixed results. If you were to go for the jugular, however, US officials now have a new reason to fear as word has it that explosive clothing might be the next threat. […]

Polymers Could Replace Bomb Sniffing Dogs Eventually
Bomb sniffing dogs could be replaced by bomb sniffing polymers.

Remote controlled toy truck saves the lives of 6 soldiers
Who would’ve thought that the military would start using remote controlled toys to make their lives safer? Last week a staff sergeant named Christopher Fessenden who was on duty in Afghanistan, was sent a remote controlled toy vehicle that had a camera mounted on it as a present from his brother. When he loaned it to a group of soldiers who used the toy to check the road ahead of […]

“Air lasers” could be used to sniff out bombs from afar
Some engineers at the University of Princeton have come up with a new system to detect bombs – with the use of lasers. The system works by sending out a beam of light to a volume of air that needs to be sampled, which then returns a beam of laser from the air itself right into a detector. With the detector, the concentration of chemicals found in the air sample […]


8-inch Robot Brings Out Bomb Squad In Denver
We often joke that robots will one day take over the word (maybe Terminator-style) but some folks obviously think that it’s happening already. An 8-inch tall robot met its gruesome end on Wednesday night when the Denver Police Department Bomb Squad detonated it. This incident occurred when someone made a report to the police of a plastic toy robot cemented to the base of a pillar supporting a footbridge. The […]

The Bomb Speakers From iFrogz
Whatever you do, you might want to be careful when airport officials ask you what’s in your bag if you’re carrying this in your bag. Seriously, saying “The Bomb” isn’t a smart thing to do. The Bomb is a set of speakers from iFrogz that can be joined together to form a ball-shaped device (probably to look cool). These 50mm speakers offer 2W each and accept audio inputs from almost […]

Bomb USB Flash Drive
The Bomb USB is one flash drive that we don’t think people would want to carry around in airports as they might actually get held up by overzealous officers who can’t tell the difference between a USB flash drive and that of an actual bomb. Designed by Joel Escalona, this one comes in a variety of colors, and is meant to be a device that resides on the workplace instead […]