al-qaeda-bombWhen it comes to technology and clothing, you can either go offensive or on the defensive. The latter would involve the likes of an invisibility cloak, something that has been worked on for quite some time now with mixed results. If you were to go for the jugular, however, US officials now have a new reason to fear as word has it that explosive clothing might be the next threat. Apparently, senior government officials were reported to have heard about the potential of this new threat concerning clothes that have been dipped in liquid explosives, and these literally explosive clothes will be undetectable by existing security measures.

And who is the person to be credited with this nefarious invention? The technique is allegedly linked to Ibrahim al-Asiri, whom many believe is also the same person behind the “body bombs.” Al-Asiri is a member of an al-Qaeda affiliate in the Arabian Peninsula, and happens to be on the top 25 list of people named by the Yemeni government today as the country’s top terrorists. He also happens to have a $23,000 bounty on his head should anyone be able to provide information which could lead to his arrest.

Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri is notorious for working on the first underwear bomb that he and a couple of others placed within printer cartridges, shipping them to the US via cargo planes in 2010. Hopefully the government scientists will be able to come up with a countermeasure for this potentially deadly bomb.

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