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Bookeen Solar-Powered eReader Set To Launch Next Year
When it comes to mobile devices, tablets and smartphones do seem to control a large portion of the market – which would mean that e-book readers, or eReaders as others call them, do not really have a huge presence. Hence, development in this particular department tends to be slower than normal, but then again, it is to be expected. After all, how many people do you know are voracious eBook […]

Bookeen Cybook Odyssey HD FrontLight joins the lighted ebook community
When it comes to reading, some of us prefer to get our reading done at night just before we retire for the day. The thing is, having that reading lamp turned on might not be too suitable for folks who have a companion who is sensitive to light. The advent of e-book readers, however, has split the camp right down the middle to two – one with a built-in backlight, […]

Bookeen delivers the Cybook Odyssey
Bookeen’s foray into the world of e-book readers have yet to come to an end, but rather, it seems that the company is doing pretty well for itself – at least well enough to roll out yet another version of an e-book reader into their fold, the Cybook Odyssey, sporting High Speed Ink System (HSIS) technology (the first from its stable to do so). Apparently, a couple of years of […]

Bookeen shows off real-time scrolling and web browsing on E-Ink screens
Bookeen, a company that’s been known for making HD videos play on E-Ink screens has recently unveiled a new trick that it’s managed to pull off: real-time web browsing and scrolling. They recently released a video clip showing off the feature and it looks pretty sweet. What’s impressive about it is that it can be done on hardware that’s already available on the market – it’s just customized software.No word […]


Bookeen delivers video playback on E Ink Pearl display
Bookeen’s R&D team has come up with what many has deemed to be impossible – that is, achieving video playback on an E Ink Pearl display. Normally, E Ink displays cater for e-book readers and the ilk, working great under direct sunlight but having relatively poor refresh rates compared to other display technologies like LED and LCD, which is why it does not support video playback on the safe side. […]

Bookeen Cybook Opus Paraded
Bookeen was recently caught parading their 5″ ebook known as Cybook Opus, and folks who have laid their eyes on it have nothing but good things to say. Apparently, this 150 gram ebook reader will boast excellent ergonomics, alongside a display of 200dpi with 600 x 800 resolution, boasting auto-rotation thanks to an integrated accelerometer. Supported file formats include ePUB and PDF, regardless of whether there is DRM or not, […]