Bookeen’s foray into the world of e-book readers have yet to come to an end, but rather, it seems that the company is doing pretty well for itself – at least well enough to roll out yet another version of an e-book reader into their fold, the Cybook Odyssey, sporting High Speed Ink System (HSIS) technology (the first from its stable to do so). Apparently, a couple of years of development went into this particular technology that Bookeen claims to be able to revolutionize the electronic ink display.

Equipped with HSIS, the Cybook Odyssey will be able to open up the way for a new generation of e-book readers that are said to be faster, more reactive and more fluid. Electronic ink hasn’t really gotten good rap all this while, and the Cybook Odyssey’s launch is hoped to dispel all previous misconceptions as it attempts to deliver a new kind of display that works at high speed while maintaining the properties of electronic ink.

HSIS is said to make the entire e-book reader experience more intuitive, while the user interface gains a whole lot of inspiration from those of touchscreen tablets, offering an instantly reactive display that has never been achieved with E Ink before. Expect the Texas Instruments Cortex A8 800MHz processor to run proceedings from within as your eyes dance over the text on the 6″ E Ink Pearl wide touch-screen embedded in a compact classy design. Wi-Fi connectivity is thrown in for good measure, since there is no 3G support. No other word on pricing or availability, but soon should be the keyword.

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