bookeenWhen it comes to mobile devices, tablets and smartphones do seem to control a large portion of the market – which would mean that e-book readers, or eReaders as others call them, do not really have a huge presence. Hence, development in this particular department tends to be slower than normal, but then again, it is to be expected. After all, how many people do you know are voracious eBook readers in the first place? Having said that, Bookeen might have something that you would be interested in, especially if you have more or less moved on to the digital lifestyle by getting most of your reading done using eBooks. It seems that Bookeen will be launching a new eBook reader some time next year that will sport an integrated solar panel, where this would enable you to recharge its internal battery simply by leaving the eReader under the sun, or perhaps in a well-lit area.

This will be made possible through a partnership between Bookeen and SunPartner, where the upcoming solar-powered eReader is touted to rely on SunPartner’s Wysips (What You See is Photovoltaic Surface) technology.

In other words,the solar panel itself will be integrated within the display, and you will not even notice it in the first place. Neither do you need to flip the eReader over in order to have its backside exposed to the sun so that it can recharge. Heck, if you’re reading in a naturally well lit area, then the battery can be charging on the spot.

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