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Broadcom Officially Withdraws Their Offer To Acquire Qualcomm
According to a report yesterday, it was suggested that Broadcom could be getting ready to officially announce that they will be withdrawing their offer to acquire Qualcomm. Turns out the reports were right, although it’s not hard to see why, as Broadcom has since issued a press release announcing their plans to withdraw.

Broadcom To Formally Abandon Plans To Acquire Qualcomm
For a brief moment it seemed like Broadcom was digging their heels in and going after Qualcomm in a bid to acquire the company. Unfortunately the US government has since stepped in to block their bid, citing national security as a concern. However we had heard that despite this, Broadcom had plans to fight the block, but not anymore.

Broadcom Could Fight Block Against Qualcomm Merger Bid
Broadcom has been trying hard to acquire Qualcomm and it has already made multiple unsolicited bids for the company. While Qualcomm recently indicated that it had warmed up to the possibility, President Donald Trump has shot down Broadcom’s attempts to clinch a deal that would have resulted in it taking control of Qualcomm citing national security concerns. However, it seems that the company might be willing to fight the block.

US Government Blocks Broadcom’s Bid For Qualcomm
Broadcom has been trying to takeover Qualcomm, and if successful, they would form one of the largest chip companies in the world. However it seems that concerns about a monopoly wasn’t what the US government was worried about, but rather what Broadcom’s takeover could mean for Chinese companies. So much so that the Committee on Foreign Investment has blocked Broadcom’s bid on Qualcomm.


Intel Wants To Buy The Company That's Trying To Buy Qualcomm
Broadcom made an unexpected and unsolicited bid to acquire Qualcomm a couple of months ago for over $100 billion but its initial bid was rejected by the chipmaker. A revised bid was later submitted and was also rejected by Qualcomm. There has been a lot of back and forth between the two companies since then and while the door still remains open to a deal, a new report claims that […]

US Treasury Says Broadcom Takeover Of Qualcomm Could Pose Security Risk
Despite initially resisting takeover attempts by Broadcom, in recent times it appears that Qualcomm is now more open to the idea. However ironically enough it looks like any potential takeover attempts could be thwarted by US authorities as the US Treasury has stated that Broadcom’s takeover of Qualcomm could pose a national security risk.

Qualcomm Opens Up To A Deal With Broadcom
Broadcom made an unsolicited bid to acquire Qualcomm a few months ago that was promptly rejected by the chipmaker. The former then revised its bid and submitted another one which was also rejected by the company. There has been much back and forth over this subject since then but it appears that Qualcomm might finally be open to a deal with Broadcom. It has proposed price talks with Broadcom for […]

Broadcom Makes Final $121 Billion Offer To Qualcomm
Broadcom recently made an unsolicited $105 billion offer to acquire Qualcomm even though the chipmaker isn’t up for sale. The hostile bid was not well received by the company’s board which not only rejected it but all of Broadcom’s nominees for seats on its board. It was reported that Broadcom could sweeten the deal to convince some major Qualcomm stakeholders and the company today submitted what it says is its […]

Broadcom May Increase Bid For Qualcomm
Broadcom made an unsolicited $130 billion bid to acquire Qualcomm earlier this month. The company hasn’t put itself up for sale but Broadcom went ahead and bid $70 per share for the company anyway. Qualcomm took a few days to respond and ended up rejecting the bid. A recent report suggested that the company would be willing to sell at a higher price. Broadcom is now reportedly considering a revised […]

Qualcomm Investors Reportedly Seeking $80 Per Share For Broadcom Deal
Recently Broadcom announced that they would be placing a takeover bid for Qualcomm worth $130 billion, where it was reported that the company had offered to pay $70 per share. Qualcomm later rejected the bid in which they felt that what Broadcom had offered had undervalued the company.

Qualcomm Reportedly Planning To Reject Broadcom’s Takeover Bid
Earlier this month there were reports that Qualcomm could be acquired, and just last week it was confirmed that Broadcom would be the company looking to takeover the company in which they have made a bid for Qualcomm worth a whopping $130 billion. Now that is a lot of money, but apparently it isn’t enough.

Broadcom Bids $130 Billion For Qualcomm
It was reported over the weekend that component manufacturer Broadcom was thinking about making a bid for Qualcomm. The latter hasn’t put itself up for sale so any bid that it proposed would be an unsolicited one. That’s precisely what the company has done today. Broadcom has made its unsolicited bid for Qualcomm public today and it’s above what many were expecting. It’s bidding $130 billion for Qualcomm.

Qualcomm Might Be Bought For $100 Billion
Component manufacturer Broadcom is reportedly interested in acquiring Qualcomm, a major player in the semiconductor industry. According to reports, Broadcom is considering a bit of more than $100 billion for Qualcomm. If a deal is reached, it would be one of the biggest-ever acquisition of a chip manufacturer. Broadcom is expected to offer $70 per share for Qualcomm. Investors like that possibility which is why the company’s stock shot up […]

Broadcom Chip Offers Full Compatibility With All Wireless Charging Standards
They say that wireless charging is the future, and I certainly would not want to dispute such a claim in any way. After all, we have seen major vehicle makers such as Audi and Toyota working to incorporate wireless charging technology into their rides, while smartphones too, have not missed out on the ride. The thing about wireless charging is this, there seem to be way too many different standards, […]