broadcom-wirelessThey say that wireless charging is the future, and I certainly would not want to dispute such a claim in any way. After all, we have seen major vehicle makers such as Audi and Toyota working to incorporate wireless charging technology into their rides, while smartphones too, have not missed out on the ride. The thing about wireless charging is this, there seem to be way too many different standards, and with that, you get an extremely fragmented market. It also makes changing your next smartphone model more challenging, since you might end up with an incompatible dock instead and will have to settle for a plug-in adapter dongle which is far from convenient. Broadcom might have stumbled upon what they think is a solution, by working on a new wireless power receiver known as the BCM59350.

The Broadcom BCM59350 has this strong point – it is compatible with just about every single wireless charging technology that is available right now on the market, now how about that? This means there is no need to fret about whether your charging plate will be compatible with Qi or not, as long as your device carries that particular chip-of-all-trades underneath the hood, you’re good to go.

In addition, this new Broadcom chip will also boast of 7.5W support versus the standard 5W, which according to Broadcom, is able to assist devices in their charging even when one is not too close from a power source. With a higher voltage, theoretically speaking, it ought to result in faster charging times, too.

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