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Brookstone Big Blue Media Tower
Gadget mavens Brookstone has come up with yet another addition to your living room, in the form of the Big Blue Media Tower. This is an all-in-one music and TV sound system, where the Big Blue Media Tower will be the third member of the growing family of Big Blue Audio Bluetooth enabled speakers which were specially designed and developed by the Brookstone Design Center. The Big Blue Media Tower […]

Brookstone Scanner Mouse
A mouse is a mouse, but the Brookstone Scanner Mouse clearly throws you such typical, conventional thinking out of the window. This computer mouse will not only help you navigate your cursor to where you want it to, but it also comes with an integrated scanner which will not only save space but time as well, delivering an unprecedented flexible manner of scanning files. All you need to do is […]

iConvert turns your iPad into a scanner
Brookstone has just announced a handy new device that turns your iPad into scanner. Called the iConvert, it consists of a feeder tray with a dock for your iPad (it works with both versions). All you have to do is plug your iPad into the dock, run the iConvert app and you’re good to go. Start feeding the machine sheets of paper that you would like scanned, hit the scan […]

Brookstone's docking station for the iPad is portable
The problem with most speaker docks for tablets is that they tend to lean towards the not-so portable side. However if you feel like you need a set of speakers with you wherever you go to accompany the movies/music that you watch on your iPad, Brookstone’s Portable iPad Docking Station could be worth checking out.


Special Edition TankBot hits the market
Desk Pets International from Hong Kong has just rolled out to the market a new special edition TankBot that will be available only exclusively at Brookstone stores. Just in case the TankBot looks familiar, that is because this is the Winner of Popular Science’s Best of Toy Fair 2011, where it will feature a trio of interactive modes that enables it to navigate through mazes, roam about freely as well […]

Texas Instruments and Brookstone unveil iPhone Pocket Projector case
Those shopping for or those interested in getting their hands on a pocket projector may want to take a look at the iPhone Pocket Projector case, which was a joint effort by both Texas Instruments and Brookstone.

Soulo wireless microphone brings karaoke to the iPad 2
If you love singing your lungs out much to the chagrin of your neighbors, then you might want to check out this particular piece of karaoke software. We’re talking about the Soulo wireless microphone that is destined for the iPad 2, where it merges the functionality of a wireless microphone alongside an app which will transform your entire music library into an impromptu song list to entertain yourself (not too […]

Rockin' Bowl-o-Rama
Want to go bowling with the guys during weekends, but do not have the approval of your other half? Why not suck her into the game with the Rockin’ Bowl-o-Rama, where this gaming machine lets you bowl right in your living room, complete with 1950’s arcade music to top off the nostalgic experience. It is capable of supporting up to a quartet of players and boasts half a dozen game […]