If you love singing your lungs out much to the chagrin of your neighbors, then you might want to check out this particular piece of karaoke software. We’re talking about the Soulo wireless microphone that is destined for the iPad 2, where it merges the functionality of a wireless microphone alongside an app which will transform your entire music library into an impromptu song list to entertain yourself (not too sure if the rest of your mates want to be “entertained’ by you though).

Soulo notches things up by quite a bit as the wireless receiver will actually suppress the sound of lyrics that is normally crooned by your favorite artist, while it can also stream lyrics for any of the songs located within your digital library. No idea on whether this functionality will still work for tunes that were not purchased from mainstream digital stores.

Here is yet another use for the front-facing camera of your iPad 2 – you will be able to snap photos of your crazy antics and air guitar stances when the itch arises. Apart from that, the microphone will also enable pitch enhancement so that you need not sound like you’re croaking. Brookstone is putting the Soulo up for sale for $99 a pop if you are interested.

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