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The New Budget Moto G Series Announced In The US
Motorola has been a little dull with its recent mid-range smartphones. However, it looks like the new G series smartphone could be a good offering in the US.The Moto G8 Stylus and the Moto G8 Power will be the new mid-range budget options. Even though Motorola has announced it for the US – it will be arriving later this spring (not immediately).You can follow their official website to subscribe for […]

Budget iPhone Case Spotted Yet Again
Alleged budget iPhone cases start to appear in a myriad of colors.

Alleged Budget iPhone Images And Video Appear
Apparently, an alleged leaked video and photos of the budget iPhone have surfaced.

Budget iPhone's Plastic Rear Shell Surfaces [Rumor]
The low-budget iPhone has been the topic of discussion for several months now as we’ve seen a rather large amount of rumors circulating around the device, especially recently where we hear it’s expected to launch alongside the iPhone 5S in July. Now, an alleged leaked photo of the low-cost iPhone’s rear plastic shell has emerged.As we’ve heard from numerous rumor in the past, the rear shell of the low-cost iPhone seems to be […]


Samsung U380 spotted at the FCC
If you’re all shopped out for the Christmas holidays, you may not have enough left to get yourself a new phone. However if this recent FCC filing of the Samsung U380 is what we think it is, you might be able to get yourself a brand new phone in the not-so-distant future, assuming of course that smartphones aren’t your thing and that you don’t really care too much about that.

LG Optimus Net looks to be an affordable dual-SIM Android smartphone
Juggling personal and business mobile phone accounts can be quite tiring and troublesome, especially if you have to carry around with you more than one device. LG’s Optimus Net appears to solve that problem for you in the form of a budget-friendly Android smartphone with dual-SIM card capabilities, allowing you to swap between mobile phone accounts and carriers at whim.

Alcatel One Touch 918 is a low-end Android device
For those shopping with tight purse strings, the good news is that Alcatel has announced the Alcatel One Touch 918 Android smartphone. The device has recently cleared the Bluetooth SIG and has even appeared on Alcatel’s website which seems to suggest that a launch is close at hand.

Sprint Express Android handset available 18th November for $19.99
If you’re in the market for a new Android handset, and you love the candybar QWERTY keyboard design of the Blackberry but you’re not willing to adopt Blackberry OS, Sprint may have the answer for you in the form of the Sprint Express Android handset. The device will feature a candybar QWERTY design that is reminiscent of Blackberry phones and will only cost you $19.99 on contract (after a $50 […]

Cutepad Z7 is an affordable tablet
Some may not appreciate China’s efforts at putting out pirated products or imitation devices, but for the most part these devices tend to lean towards the cheaper side, allowing those on a budget to experience the technology that the rest of us are enjoying, and the Cutepad Z7 is not different.

Yipai C7 Android tablets are colorful
Dual-core processors for Android tablets seem to be the standard these days – even Shenzhen manufacturers have started using them in their own creations. A company named Yipai has released a new tablet called the C7, which is powered by Renesas’ A9 EV2 dual-core processor. Pretty impressive for a sub $100 tablet. Other specs of the Yipai C7 include: a 7″ capacitive display, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, […]

Kogan announces 8" and 10" tablets
Budget/affordable tablets seem to be the rage these days, ranging from the $99 HP TouchPad during its fire sale, to the Aakash tablet, and Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Now adding to that list is Kogan, who will be offering up two new tablets to their Agora range in the form of an 8” and 10” version.

"iPad mini" in the works to compete with the Kindle Fire?
While Amazon’s Kindle Fire has yet to be put to the test (its release is on the 15th of November), it has done rather well for itself in terms of pre-order sales, with reports last week that it managed to hit the 250,000 mark (we expect it’s probably more now). Without doubt its attractive price of $199 probably accounts for the widespread adoption, and if the rumors are to be […]

N5Zero is a 5" budget Android tablet
If the newly announced Amazon Kindle Fire’s price of $199 is still too expensive for your liking, a new tablet on the market dubbed the N5Zero could feature a price point that will satisfy those shopping on a budget.

ViewSonic unveils V430 Android smartphone
If brand names like Samsung, LG, Motorola or HTC don’t appeal to you, ViewSonic has just announced their third Android handset (after the ViewPad 4 and the V350). If you’re not willing to drop a lot of cash for a new smartphone, then perhaps the ViewSonic V430 might be something worth checking out.

Huawei Impulse 4G announced by AT&T
Budget-friendly devices are always welcome, and should be able to do away with the issue of smartphone envy among friends. Well, the good news is that if you’re on the lookout for a budget smartphone with HSPA+ connectivity, AT&T has the solution for you with the Huawei Impulse 4G.

Velocity Micro Cruz T410 spotted at the FCC
With so many tablets available in the market, it doesn’t hurt always have options and alternatives, especially if you don’t feel like dropping a lot of money on the highest-end tablet in the market. While we can’t speak for the price of this new tablet, in the past Velocity Micro has put out tablets that are in the budget-affordable range, and we don’t see why their upcoming offering will be […]

Amazon's upcoming tablet to be "hundreds less" than iPad 2? (Rumor)
Amazon has plans to launch several new Android tablets, perhaps in a bid to compete against other Android tablets, but perhaps a bigger fish is in Amazon’s sights with Apple’s very own iPad 2, which many consider to be the tablet to beat.

X10 AirPad is a tablet for those on a budget
Looking for a tablet under $200? If you’re not fussy as to which company made the tablet, then perhaps X10’s AirPad tablet might be worth checking out, especially with the company’s lofty claims that the AirPad is “the best tablet on the market for under $200.”

Mobius One is an inexpensive SUV aimed at rural Africa
In developing countries such as Africa, roads are expensive to upkeep and the costs are then passed on to the general population. It is said that those costs will cause consumers to pay 75% more for their daily goods in Sub-Saharan Africa, which is why getting around in the more rural parts of Africa would require a vehicle that is able to withstand the rugged terrain.

Storage Options miScroll: world’s first personalized tablets for youths
Storage Options has just announced the launch of the world’s first personalized tablets for youths – and in this case “youths” mean people under the age of 25. Called the miScroll, the tablet is the fourth and latest addition to the company’s Scroll tablet lineup. What separates this tablet from other tablets on the market is the ability to customize the device with its colorful an exhangeable covers that come […]