With so many tablets available in the market, it doesn’t hurt always have options and alternatives, especially if you don’t feel like dropping a lot of money on the highest-end tablet in the market. While we can’t speak for the price of this new tablet, in the past Velocity Micro has put out tablets that are in the budget-affordable range, and we don’t see why their upcoming offering will be any different.

The tablet is the Velocity Micro Cruz T410 and it has been spotted at the FCC, meaning that it shouldn’t be too long until we see it for ourselves. It appears to be 10” in size with a capacitive touchscreen with a single camera, support for WiFi connection and a microSD card slot. Some are speculating that it could very well be running on a 1GHz Samsung Cortex-A8 processor and will feature Android’s Gingerbread 2.3 as its platform of choice.

Like we said before, while we can’t speculate on its price, given the somewhat entry-mid ranged specs, we don’t expect the Velocity Micro Cruz T410 to be beyond most people’s budgets.

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