Amazon has plans to launch several new Android tablets, perhaps in a bid to compete against other Android tablets, but perhaps a bigger fish is in Amazon’s sights with Apple’s very own iPad 2, which many consider to be the tablet to beat.

According to a report by the New York Post, they claim that according to a source, it seems that Amazon will be launching their upcoming tablet for a much cheaper price compared to Apple’s iPad. They claim that it will sell for “hundreds less” than the iPad 2, although exactly how much less we can’t say for certain.

While the HP TouchPad did not manage to do well when it was priced normally, the fire sale which saw prices drop to a mere $99 for the 16GB version of the tablet has turned it from a flop to critical success, although given that HP has stated they will be discontinuing webOS for tablets and smartphones, we have to wonder if they are now regretting their decision.

Perhaps Amazon will be taking a leaf from HP’s book and are hoping that by pricing their tablets much cheaper than the iPad 2, it will encourage many to adopt their products based purely on price alone. We can’t confirm the validity of these rumors for now, so I guess we will have to wait and see if the rumors hold true when Amazon’s tablet launches either next month or October (rumored).

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