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Buffalo CloudStor: first PogoPlug with internal storage
[CES 2011] Buffalo is the first company to launch a storage device that is powered by PogoPlug, a personal cloud platform that is much easier to use, and has a much better user interface than most consumer network attached storage (NAS) systems. Buffalo CloudStor and Pogoplug let you access and share content (documents, photos, music, videos…) easily – and for free., the website that powers the service, is free […]

Buffalo MiniStation Stealth offers fashionable storage solution
No longer is storing data and making backups a matter of being practical, you might was well look stylish while you’re at it. Buffalo knows this, which is why they have come up with the MiniStation Stealth device which comes in an all-black design, requiring a sole USB cable for all of its power and data transfer needs. This will in turn reduce its radar signature by a considerable amount, […]

Buffalo Introduces New Extenal Hard Drives
Buffalo has unveiled some upcoming DriveStation external hard drives in the form of the DriveStation Duo, DriveStation Quad and also a new Axis series of single-drive storage devices. The DriveStation Duo supports two hard drives and sports USB 2.0 and eSATA 3.0 interfaces for data transfers. The drives contained within are quick-swappable and can be setup in either a RAID 0 or 1 setup, depending on your whim.The DriveStation Quad […]

Buffalo offers three more Wireless-N devices
Buffalo has rolled out a trio of Wireless-N devices, making sure they will be able to cater for even the most budget-constrained consumer. We have a standard router known as the WCR-GN, where it will deliver 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity as well as a quartet of Ethernet ports for those who want to share the connection over a wired network, coming in a white design for $40. As for the WLAE-AG300N, […]


Buffalo LT-V100 Media Player
Buffalo’s latest media player, the LT-V100 ought to be able to handle most of the standard home entertainment needs, keeping up with the times with its 1080p video support (streaming or through Sub), while audio buffs will be pleased that DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio standards are also supported as well. When it comes to video, you won’t fall short since MPEG-2, MPEG-4 SP/ASP and MPEG-4 AVC will also […]

Buffalo Unveils Its SHD-PEHU3 Series Of USB 3.0 Portable SSD Drives
With solid state drives (SSD) becoming more common, it’s not surprising to see that Buffalo has come up with a USB 3.0 external SSD. The SHD-PEHU3 series of portable drives will be available in capacities ranging from 64GB to 256GB and will cost from 26,400 Yen ($280) to 100,900 Yen ($1,073) from May 10. We’re really looking forward to seeing portable drives with USB 3.0 connections becoming mainstream, after all, […]

Buffalo SHD-NHPU2 PATA SSDs For Your Older Notebook
Folks who are looking for a SSD drive to put into their older notebook don’t have to worry about the lack of a SATA connector on the notebook, as Buffalo has come up with its SHD-NHPU2 PATA SSD. Since it uses the older PATA connector, instead of the current SATA connector, you shouldn’t have any issue using it on your older notebook. These 2.5-inch SSDs offer 64MB of cache and […]

Buffalo USB Nintendo PC Game Pad
At first glance, this looks like an old school NES game pad, but upon closer inspection, you won’t find any Nintendo logo on this, but the word Buffalo emblazoned on the top right hand corner of the device instead. While the world has already moved on to USB 3.0, the Buffalo USB Nintendo PC Game Pad still remains in the past with a USB 1.1 connection, but that shouldn’t matter […]

Sony approves 500GB external USB hard drives for PS3
Folks living in Japan who own a Sony PS3 will be pleased to know that the company has given its nod of approval for a couple of 500GB external USB hard drives which are meant for console use only. The two are the Buffalo HD-AV500U2 (as seen above) and the HD-CL500U2, where they will hit other markets outside of Japan next month in order to coincide with the PS3’s “torne” […]

New WD MyBook Features USB 3.0
Looking for a new external hard drive? Well, if the sleek and sexy Buffalo drive isn’t suitable for you, maybe the speed of USB 3.0 that the new Western Digital MyBook features will entice you? The drive will be available in 1TB and 2TB sizes, and will be 5Gpbs-capable, thanks to its USB 3.0 connection. You’ll be able to pick up the 1TB version for $180, which doesn’t sound unreasonable. […]

Buffalo External Hard Disk Looks Amazingly Beautiful
We’re sure you’ve seen many external hard drives before, but how many of those that you’ve seen match your modern home décor, or doesn’t look like an eyesore? If you’re looking for something to match your fashion-conscious household, you might want to check out Buffalo’s HD-AV2.0TU2 external hard drive. The little blue dots on the drive indicate how much space you’ve got left on the drive, if you didn’t already […]

Buffalo WLI-UC-GNT dongle
Are you an avid gamer who loves nothing more than spend time away from video games by sitting in front of your computer, surfing the Internet? If so, Buffalo has a device that will bring both loves together – the Buffalo WLI-UC-GNT which can be plugged into your computer’s USB port, letting you hook up your gaming device to the Internet sans wires after that. Buffalo also offers AOSS support […]

Buffalo DriveStation HD-CXU2 to hit South Korea
Buffalo will be revealing its DriveStation HD-CXU2 device that boasts hardware encryption in the South Korea market, offering a secure external storage solution for your data needs in a shock resistant chassis complete with eco friendly features that lets you sleep easy knowing that your files remain safe and inaccessible to the nasty folks behind the theft. The new DriveStation will come with a couple of modes of encryption, where […]

Buffalo DriveStation HD-HXU3
Following the footsteps of the Freecom USB 3.0 hard drive, along comes the Buffalo DriveStation HD-HXU3 which will also conform to the USB 3.0 standard, where it is able to hit a maximum speed of 125MB/s where data transfer is concerned, making it up to 400% faster compared to the speediest USB 2.0 hard drive in the market today. The Buffalo HD-HXU3 benefits from having the Fujitsu MB86C30A USB 3.0 […]

Buffalo BR-X816U2 Blu-ray burner
Buffalo has unleashed their latest Blu-ray burner for the masses that connects to your machine via USB – all hail the BR-X816U2 Blu-ray burner! This USB 2.0 device comes with a 8x write speed if you’re busy etching your latest downloads on BD-R single and dual layer discs, while those relying on BR-R (LTH) and RE single or dual layers will have to settle for just 2x writing speed. Out […]

Buffalo USB 2.0 ThumbDrive
Buffalo releases yet another USB 2.0 ThumbDrive, where this 5mm wonder is not a true blue USB flash drive but is instead a tiny USB 2.0 microSDHC card reader that comes bundled with a 16GB microSDHC, giving you a 2-in-1 solution with future expansion options to increase that to 32GB when such microSDHC cards are available for purchase by the masses. If only this model came with some sort of […]

Buffalo Ministation Metro Portable Hard Drive
Buffalo is a well known name when it comes to external storage solutions, and today we have the Ministation Metro portable hard drive which arrives in black, red and white colors. You can store up to 500GB worth of data within the device that measures roughly similar to a tiny paperback book, and it also does away with the need for a USB cable since the flexible cable can be […]

Buffalo HD-PXU2 External Hard Drive
Buffalo has released their latest external hard drive, the HD-PXU2 which will come in two flavors – 250GB and 500GB. Regardless of capacity, it will come with an integrated USB cable alongside a shockproof casing, giving you some leeway in toting your hard drive around while being careless, although we won’t recommend dropping it on purpose just to make sure the shockproof case works. Security of your data is also […]

Buffalo 4-Port USB Hub
Buffalo’s latest 4-Port USB hub migth seem rather ordinary at first glance until you take a closer look, where there are individual switches for each port that enables easy selection of devices that you want to use/power at that point in time, complete with LED light indication for easy identification even in the dark. The hub itself will come in a quartet of colors, accompanied by an AC adapter as […]

Buffalo USB 1Seg TV Tuner
Buffalo is back not with another exterior hard drive, but a USB 1Seg TV tuner this time round known as the DH-MONE/U2. Interestingly enough, it will retail for a mere €44 Euros after conversion, and this is despite the fact that Buffalo engineers have done a terrific job in shrinking its size to 30% that of its predecessor, sipping just 140mA of juice whenever it works – perfect for prolonging […]