[CES 2011] Buffalo is the first company to launch a storage device that is powered by PogoPlug, a personal cloud platform that is much easier to use, and has a much better user interface than most consumer network attached storage (NAS) systems. Buffalo CloudStor and Pogoplug let you access and share content (documents, photos, music, videos…) easily – and for free., the website that powers the service, is free and compatible with PC and Mac computers.

While CloudStor is targeted at just about everyone, the “cloud skeptics” will love it: your content is hosted by *you* but is available to everyone you want to give access to, anywhere in the world. To give you some context, there has been instances where an online service (a cloud service) did shut down, and where users lost data. In general it’s always good to keep your own copies and backups.

CloudStor is also compatible with DLNA (a media sharing network protocol) devices like the PS3 and the Xbox 360, just to cite those two. Finally, it is capable of hosting Apple’s Time Machine backups.  CloudStor will retail for $169.99 (1TB) and CloudStor Pro for $269.99 (2TB). Buffalo doesn’t say it specifically, but we hope that CloudStor Pro uses PogoPlug Pro, a version that offers built-in Networking.

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