Google’s Nexus Devices Susceptible To SMS Bug That Causes Phones To Reboot

If you use any of the Google Nexus devices, like the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, or Nexus 5, it seems that there is a bug/exploit floating out there that has the ability to either reboot your phone, disable your network connection temporarily, or crash your messaging app. This is due to a flood of Class 0 SMS messages that are being sent to your phone, which we guess sounds familiar […]

iOS 7.0.3 Bugs Shown Off In Video

There is nothing quite like having a new version of the mobile operating system installed on your smartphone, as you take advantage of the latest features and functions introduced by the developers themselves. Unfortunately for the masses, this would mean that you would often need to have newer hardware in order to run the most recent version of the operating system. For those who are running on iOS 7.0.3, you […]

HTC Rezound headphone problems appear to be isolated

Just yesterday we reported that there were some complaints regarding the HTC Rezound. A quick recap for those who may not have been aware – there were complaints that suggested interference or static when listening to music or audio while using headphones together with the HTC Rezound. While there are indeed complaints from several HTC Rezound owners, the problem appears to be less widespread than what was initially thought. According […]

HTC Rezound reported to have sound issues

One of the interesting features (and probably more advertised) of the HTC Rezound is its Beats Audio integration. With HTC purchasing a major stake in the audio company, it was only natural that they would include the technology along with a pair of Beats headphones to be used along with the phone. While initial impressions of the phone (based on reviews) remained somewhat good, it appears that there are growing […]


Jaguar recalls over 17,600 X-Type cars due to software glitch

For those living in the UK and who may have purchased a Jaguar X-Type, if you did not already receive a letter from the company, you should probably be aware that the company has been busy recalling about 17,600 vehicles in the UK. This is apparently due to the cruise control software that affects X-Type models from 2006 to 2010 with diesel engines.

HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread update suspended temporarily

If you’re a HTC Thunderbolt owner who was looking forward to the Android Gingerbread 2.3 update for your device, it looks like you’re in for bad news, or good news depending on how you look at it. It appears that the Gingerbread update that has been rolled out to several Thunderbolt owners have been reported to be rather buggy, thus causing Verizon to suspend the update for now.

Microsoft fixes “ping of death” bug

Back in the day, and by that I mean 20 years ago, Microsoft was plagued by a bug known as the “ping of death” that when exploited by a third party, would cause the all too familiar “blue screen of death” (BSOD). Given that Microsoft patched the original exploit back then, we’re guessing that the latest patch from Microsoft has patched up a newer variant of the bug.

Facebook rewards researchers who report security weaknesses

Facebook has just launched a new bug bounty program where it rewards researchers who find security holes in the social network. The reward will be paid in dollars, which starts off at $500 and has no maximum set. However, they will have to follow Facebook’s Responsible Disclosure Policy and agree not to go public with the vulnerability information until Facebook has fixed the problem.I guess this is a great way […]

Skype vulnerability issue will be fixed this week

A couple of days ago, security vulnerability for Skype was discovered by Levent Kayan, a Berlin-based security researcher. What he had discovered was this exploit which allowed malicious hackers to enter a string of JavaScript code into the “mobile phone” field for that user, and the minute that user logs on, the hacker would be able to trigger the program, allowing the hacker access to the user’s Skype account and […]

Toshiba Thrive experiences sleep and reboot bugs

Toshiba’s entry into the tablet market comes in the form of the Thrive, and while it looks great on paper as well as boasting more than decent hardware, the software bit is what bothers most people, ruining what could be a potentially enjoyable tablet experience. It seems that owners of the Toshiba Thrive experience sleep and reboot issues, where said device more often than not refuses to awake from its […]

Microsoft Windows 7 patch confirmed to arrive today

Last week we reported that there will be a massive Windows 7 patch arriving today, and according to reports online, it will be arriving on time. Starting 1pm ET today, Microsoft will be releasing 17 security bulletins that will fix 64 different vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer, Office and Visual Studio. It has been reported by a security expert who wished to remain anonymous, that at least half of the […]

Xperia Play Delayed in UK Due to Software Bugs, U.S. Delay Coming?

Just when we thought Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play gaming smartphone was bobbing along smoothly, it hits a delay – in the UK that is. According to the official blog for wireless carrier O2, the Xperia Play will miss the April 1 launch day. The reason for the delay is to iron out software bugs to improve stability and performance. This isn’t good. As a peace offering, O2’s tossed up a […]

WiFi Bug Prevents Windows Phone 7 From Connecting to Networks?

BGR is reporting on a developing story that select Windows Phone 7 devices may have difficulties joining secure WiFi networks. According to the report, the Dell Venue Pro and the HTC HD7, both of which are certified for T-Mobile USA’s wireless network, may be affected by the bug. When users try attempt to connect to secure wireless networks, an error message pops up, noting “your phone couldn’t reach the Wi-Fi […]

iOS 4.1 bug bypasses lock screen to make phone calls

Hmmm, Apple iPhone 4 owners won’t be too pleased with news of an iOS 4.1 bug on the iPhone which will allow users to skip the device’s lock screen entirely to make phone calls. Pressing a locked iPhone’s “Emergency Call” button, you can dial a non-emergency number (such as “###”), followed by quickly pressing “Send” and then hitting the iPhone’s lock key to force the device into the “Phone” application. […]