For those living in the UK and who may have purchased a Jaguar X-Type, if you did not already receive a letter from the company, you should probably be aware that the company has been busy recalling about 17,600 vehicles in the UK. This is apparently due to the cruise control software that affects X-Type models from 2006 to 2010 with diesel engines.

The recall is based on a glitch discovered in the cruise control software. According to a Jaguar spokeswoman, this is a “potential problem” which seems to suggest that the problem may not have been noticed by many of their customers, and it seems that no accidents or injuries have occurred yet, which is always a good thing.

This glitch affects the cruise control in a way that drivers may find it difficult to disengage the system in a normal manner (usually by pressing a button or stepping on the brakes), and that only by turning off the engine will disengage the cruise control system. Kudos to Jaguar for the recall and looking into the problem before any accidents or deaths occurred.

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