Toshiba’s entry into the tablet market comes in the form of the Thrive, and while it looks great on paper as well as boasting more than decent hardware, the software bit is what bothers most people, ruining what could be a potentially enjoyable tablet experience. It seems that owners of the Toshiba Thrive experience sleep and reboot issues, where said device more often than not refuses to awake from its sleep state, and will require a hard reset to get it going. As for some others, their problem was reversed – the tablet tends to turn itself on without getting any help.

It seems as though the flaws are there even when the device is fresh right out of the box without any apps installed on it on your own accord. Hearsay has it that you can fix this via changing the Wi-Fi disconnect and screen timeout settings, although there is a problem with this solution – it is far from consistent. 

Toshiba has yet to formally address the glitches to date, but might have to do so soon before more damage to the brand is done.

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