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Clash of Clans Creators Get $1.5B Investment From Japan
Supercell, the parent company behind hit games like Clash of Clans has announced receiving a $1.5B investment from Softbank (the first wireless carrier in Japan to carry the iPhone) and GungHo, a Japanese known for its online and mobile games. Supercell’s Clash of Clan game alone hit $2.4M a day this year, so it’s not completely clear why they would need “investment” to start with. The official version is that […]

Verizon Committed To Help Startups Through Its Innovation Centers
Earlier today, Verizon has invited developers and reporters to its innovation center in San Francisco (201 Spear Street, 9th floor, there’s another one in Boston) for a showcase in the updated show room. If you did not already know about this, Verizon has committed quite a bit of effort to help developers build the next generation apps that use wireless networks. Obviously, it does so hoping that developers’ success will […]

Mobelisk Turns Ordinary Tablets Into Enterprise Devices
At CTIA, MoGo has announced its second generation of modular sleeves that can turn a $200 device into a touch, enterprise ready tablet with extra battery capacity, optional laser bar code reader and many more options. Basically, if the order is large enough, MoGo will even design and build it for the customer.

Microsoft Facing SEC And DOJ Probe Over Foreign Bribery
 It seems like Microsoft has landed itself in some hot waters. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Redmond based company is under investigation by the Securities and Exchanges Commission as well as the Department of Justice over claims that it has taken part in bribery in foreign countries, which include China. As of now the investigation is thought to be in its initial stages.


Android May Lead Tablet Market Share in 2013 [IDC]
With less-than-rosy economic outlook, shoppers are being more concerned with their dollars. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that many are voting for smaller and cheaper tablets. According to market research firm IDC, this may move Google’s Android ahead of Apple’s iOS by a small margin for the first time in the tablet market as the popularity of 7 to 8 inches tablets increases.

Intel to build 10% of all Apple A7 Processors [Rumor]?
As you may know, Samsung used to manufacture Apple’s Ax series of processors (or SoC) but given the strained relationship between the two companies, Apple has been reportedly shopping around to diversify its manufacturing capability. It’s not the first time that Intel has been mentioned as being such a potential partner, and given that it has excellent “fabs” (chip-building plants) it would make sense that Apple talks to them, although […]

HTC February Sales Fall Short
HTC has yet to see the fruits of its newly launched HTC One (to be available soon), but in the meantime, the company continues to register severe year-over-year decline in sales (and therefore in revenues). In February, HTC has generated $384M. Given that the company has previously guided the markets towards a $1.7B revenues guidance for Q1 (Jan, Feb, March) it seems a bit worrisome that the effective combined two […]

Samsung KNOX Provides Privacy To BYOD Users
Samsung has just announced KNOX, a security solution for its Android smartphones that provides a secure container that completely separates data from work and life, giving the user complete control over his/her “private” data, while letting its company manage the “work” aspect remotely if they want to. KNOX (name inspired by Fort Knox) is part of Samsung’s SAFE (SAmsung For Enterprise) initiative that has been steadily gaining momentum, propelled by […]

Microsoft's Windows Phone Strategy: Fight, Survive, Improve
At  the annual Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco, Microsoft’s CFO Peter Klein  was asked about its mobile strategy. The question revolved around the fact that despite gains from 1.5% to 3% market share, it seemed that Microsoft’s Windows Phone business may need a Plan B. He was asked whether or not the company had such a plan and if yes, what it is. Unsurprisingly, Peter Klein […]

Samsung To Build 100M Galaxy S4 Handsets [Analyst]
It’s the season for market Analysts to help their clients position their portfolios and Jefferies & Company analyst Peter Misek (the analyst  who came out with a number of such prediction about Apple yesterday) is said to have  told his clients that Samsung is prepared to build a record 100 million Galaxy S4 (or Galaxy SIV or Galaxy Next, there is no official name). Interestingly, he also mentions that components […]

Logitech C930e Webcam "For Business Users"
Logitech has rolled out a new webcam for the business market. The Logitech C930e is a camera that has hardware H.264S encoding, a Carl Zeiss-certified lens and an aim for business applications. So, what makes it better for “business” than other Logitech webcams such as the Logitech C920?For one, it has a 90-degree ultra-wide angle (vs. 60 degrees for most webcams), but Logitech says that it made sure that its […]

iPad Business Experiencing Strong Slow Down [Analyst]
Based on Data gathered by IDC, Citi believes that the iPad business is in the midst of a serious slow down, if not downright fall in certain regions in the world. For instance the IDC numbers suggest that the iPad fall by 9% in the USA, and by 26% in Japan, while it grew by 17% in Europe, which brings the worldwide growth for the 4th quarter 2012 to 1.8%. […]

Intel Set To Launch Internet TV Platform, With Set-Top Box And Camera
By the end of December, rumors had started to surface about Intel’s intentions of joining the race for providing Internet TV, alongside Apple. Erik Huggers, General Manager of Intel Media, has confirmed that Intel is indeed working on providing internet television. “We have been working for around a year now to setup Intel Media — it’s a new division that includes a lot of people from outside of the company. […]

Netflix And DreamWorks To Create Turbo:F.A.S.T Show
DreamWorks has announced a partnership with Netflix to create Turbo:F.A.S.T  ( Fast Action Stunt Team) based on the 3D movie “Turbo”.  Turbo features the story of a snail, who dreams of competing in a race and accidentally gains super powers due to a freak accident. The show is expected to pick up where the movie left and will showcase the exploits of Turbo in his adventures. The movie is to be released […]