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Sony Ericsson to drop "Ericsson" from name mid 2012, will focus on smartphones only
When Sony announced their plans to buyout Ericsson’s stake in their Sony Ericsson joint venture, it was sort of a given that it was only a matter of time before Sony dropped the Ericsson moniker from the brand and focus on pushing out Sony-branded products instead, much like how they’re gotten the ball rolling with their Sony-brand Android tablets, the Tablet S and Tablet P.

PopCap on the verge of $1 billion buyout?
The gaming industry can be a lucrative business if you’re positioned correctly – and to say that PopCap Games is one of the trusted names when it comes to casual gaming is correct – so much so that rumors are floating around concerning the company being offered up to $1 billion to be bought up, although we have no idea on the identity of the mystery buyer. Bear in mind […]

Garmin snaps up Navigon, intends to gain edge against smartphones
Dedicated GPS manufacturers are a dying breed, especially with the advent of Google’s Android platform as well as Apple’s pervasive iOS offering free navigation on their respective slew of devices. Well, where does that leave manufacturers such as Garmin and Magellan? We do know that the former decided to join forces with its once-nemesis, Navigon, through Garmin’s purchase of Navigon. While this move will help Garmin boost their core in-car […]

Blockbuster to be acquired by Dish Network
Blockbuster, the movie rental service on its way to bankruptcy has been saved from the jaws of death. Dish Network has just announced that they will be acquiring the movie rental chain for $228 million. While this saves Blockbuster from disappearing off the face of the earth, Dish hasn’t mentioned what its plans are for Blockbuster but they have mentioned that there will be significant challenges as they plan to […]


Sprint gets vocal about AT&T-T-Mobile acquisition
While Sprint appeared calm and collected about the whole AT&T-T-Mobile buyout when it was first announced, it looks like they haven’t been so cool after all. Sprint has just announced that they oppose the whole $39 billion takeover. At present, AT&T is the second largest carrier in the US, with Verizon in the lead. If AT&T takes over T-Mobile, it would make them the largest carrier in the US, leaving […]

Intel finalizes McAfee buyout
Silicon giant Intel is pleased to announce that they have finally finalized and completed their acquisition of computer security company McAfee, where the latter has taken its wings under the Intel Software and Services Group as a subsidiary. This deal has been touted to be within the $7.68 billion region, and it did take a fair bit of convincing on Intel’s part to touch base with the European Commission that […]