Dedicated GPS manufacturers are a dying breed, especially with the advent of Google’s Android platform as well as Apple’s pervasive iOS offering free navigation on their respective slew of devices. Well, where does that leave manufacturers such as Garmin and Magellan? We do know that the former decided to join forces with its once-nemesis, Navigon, through Garmin’s purchase of Navigon. While this move will help Garmin boost their core in-car navigation business, it might give Garmina  boost in their smartphone position as well.

Navigon owners need not fret since it will operate as a subsidiary of Garmin instead of being gobbled up completely. It must be noted that Garmin has delivered (note: delivered does not mean sold) 85 million GPS enabled devices to retailers since its inception in 1989, and are currently top dog in the industry, so Navigon shouldn’t feel too bad being under Garmin’s shadow.

Hopefully whatever Garmin does with their most recent acquisition will fare much better than their ill-fated Nuvifone. Anyone else remembered that puppy? It came out a little bit too late, so we keep our fingers crossed that the same mistake will not be repeated. [Press Release]

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