comcast-time-warnerComcast has agreed to take in Time Warner Cable in the latest corporate merger over in the U.S., where this agreement happens to be a friendly, stock-for-stock transaction. In this particular merger, Comcast will pick up every single bit of Time Warner Cable’s 284.9 million shares which amounts to roughly $45.2 billion where equity value is concerned, and each Time Warner Cable share will be exchanged for 2.875 shares of CMCSA, equal to Time Warner Cable shareholders who happen to own around 23% of Comcast’s common stock. This particular transaction is said to generate around $1.5 billion in operating efficiency, and it will also be tax free to Time Warner Cable shareholders. There is one major talking point about this particular transaction – it will hopefully manage to create a leading technology and innovation company, where it leverages on a national platform while offering ground-breaking products, creating operating efficiencies and economies of scale.

This merger would mean that the new cable company will have President and CEO Neil Smit at the helm, where it will hopefully generate multiple pro-consumer and pro-competitive benefits such as an accelerated deployment of existing and new innovative products and services for customers that number in the millions. Time Warner Cable happens to own cable systems located in strategic geographic areas such as New York City, Southern California, Texas, the Carolinas, Ohio, and Wisconsin. It would be interesting to see what this merger will offer for the masses in the near and immediate future. [Press Release]

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