RedMere HDMI

As HDMI-mirroring becomes a “must-have” feature in today’s smartphones and tablets, more users of these devices are on the lookout for cables to make use of it. However, the current crops of cables available right now are pretty bulky and require users to place their phones pretty close to the TV due to how short the wires are.

RedMere, the company behind the technology used in third party iOS device HDMI output cables, has recently announced a new solution to the problem. Targeted at folks who own devices with HD output but no DLNA support, these new cables that feature technology from RedMere are said to be lighter, more portable and longer. This allows users to plug their phones or tablets into the TV – and still control them while sitting a distance away from the screen. And since the cables are thinner and lighter, they’re also easily rolled up for easy storage and portability.

Just like their iOS HDMI cables, RedMere only manufacturers the technology used in the cables but not the cables themselves, so you can find its technology being used in cables by VIZIO, Monster Cable, RadioShack, PNY, and Buffalo Kokuyo Supply Inc. Find out more on the RedMere website.

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