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Canon EOS Rebel SL1 Hands-On Review (EOS 100D)
[Imaging Week] As Canon’s DSLR line of product increasingly comes under higher pressure from mirrorless camera from Sony or Olympus, Canon has explored a couple of ways to counter the competition without cannibalizing its own product line (too much). It’s fair to say that the first attempt with a mirrorless EOS M has been a “flop” at best, and our own review of the Canon EOS M shows that the […]

Canon EOS-b Specifications And Images Leaked
Summer time is when we expect new DSLR cameras from Canon. This year is no different. The company is expected to release EOS-b, or Kiss X7 as it will be called in Japan, this summer. Earlier today, Canon EOS-b specifications and images were apparently leaked on the internet. If this information is anything to go by, then everything there is to know about the EOS-b has basically been leaked. The […]

Canon EOS M Review
This Canon EOS M Review goes over the features and properties of Canon's first product in the Compact Camera System category. It shows what most users can do in a real-world situation.

Canon EOS 70D Confirmed For The Future By Chief Executive
Last year we reported on a rumor that Canon could be unveiling the EOS 70D this year along with other cameras. Now the good news is that for fans of Canon’s mid-ranged DSLRs like the 50D and 60D is that it looks like the 70D is a possibility, and this was admitted by Canon’s Managing Director and Chief Executive, Masaya Maeda in an interview. When asked whether customers could look […]


Ubergizmo Gadget Guide - Nov 2012
We are fast approaching the “decision” moment for the holiday purchases, and while you still have time, why not start wrapping your head around those cool gadgets, many of which came out just recently. While previous guides were specific to laptops or smartphones, this one is more generic and include cameras, tablets and audio accessories. We look at a lot of devices, and we’ve compiled a list with some of […]

Canon EOS-1D X makes a splash
Are you a professional photographer who do not lean with Nikon but rather, jive with all things Canon, and want to make sure there is one less Nikkor lens sold? If the answers are all in the affirmative, then you might be interested to know that the Canon EOS-1D X is now out – looking just about the same as every 1D model that came before it. Of course, the […]

Canon EOS 5D Mark II sprouts wings and fly
Canon 5D Mark II Aerial Drone – GPS Position Hold from perspectiveAerials on Vimeo. No, we aren’t talking about angelic, feathery wings that make great pillows, but the Canon EOS 5D Mark II is capable of taking to the skies thanks to it being hooked up to a 4-rotor drone. Best of all is, the Canon shooter can fly to the exact GPS location for those who are extremely particular […]

Canon EOS 7D receives firmware update
The Canon EOS 7D has just received a new firmware update, where you can expect a fair number of fixes. Please take note that the Version 1.2.2 firmware is for cameras with firmware up to Version 1.2.1 only, and bear in mind that it cannot be downgraded to a previous firmware version. Check out a list of fixes in the extended post if you want to make your EOS 7D […]

Rumors of Canon EOS 60D launch build up
The rumors Canon EOS 60D could very well roll out this week if the rumors are transformed into gospel truth. We could look forward to a summer release, where its details might be made public later tomorrow as July 13th has surfaced at least twice before being associated with the EOS 60D. This will be a mid-range DSLR that is purported to come with an 18-megapixel sensor, a DIGIC IV […]

American Express lets you snag Canon EOS Rebel T2i for half the price
There is nothing quite like the feeling of having some plastic in your wallet to help fund purchases that you normally can’t afford, and American Express is now letting you pick up the Canon EOS Rebel T2i for nearly 50% off its retail price at $499, where it will come with a 18-55mm lens to get you started right out of the box. If you haven’t get gotten yourself an […]

Canon Rebel T2i Announced
Considering that Canon released its Rebel T1i/500D not too long ago, the announcement of the Rebel T2i is probably going to surprise many folks out there, especially those who just bought a Rebel T1i. While the T1i is a good camera, the T2i bumps the specs up ever so slightly. So now instead of 15.1-megapixels, you’ll get 18-megapixels. The T2i can shoot also up to 1080p 30fps videos, which certainly […]