Canon 5D Mark II Aerial Drone – GPS Position Hold from perspectiveAerials on Vimeo.

No, we aren’t talking about angelic, feathery wings that make great pillows, but the Canon EOS 5D Mark II is capable of taking to the skies thanks to it being hooked up to a 4-rotor drone. Best of all is, the Canon shooter can fly to the exact GPS location for those who are extremely particular about details and demand no less than perfection. Here’s a brief description on the entire setup, and it goes to show that such drones are strong enough to carry heavy cameras in the air. Would you risk $2,500 worth of gadgets zipping about in the air?

“5D Mark II Compact Aerial Platform demonstrates Dynamic HD setup: With this 2-man setup, one operator pilots the craft while the other remotely control the 3-axis stabilized camera gimbal by using a 2nd controller and viewing “through the lens” via a real-time video downlink. This setup produces more dynamic shots compared to the usual static fixed camera shots where the camera doesn’t pan or tilt but stays in a fixed position. The 2-man operation is the ideal setup for professional movie productions… You’re able to pull camera crane, dolly and jib type shots all with one tool.”

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