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Apple reportedly continues to show interest in using carbon fiber as a material for their future products
In the past few years, Apple has relied on materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and glass in its products, but it seems that recent reports has suggested that Apple products in the future could utilize carbon fiber. At the moment carbon fiber can be found on gadgets like the Motorola DROID RAZR series, although a report from Japanese blog Macotakara has suggested that Apple will not be using carbon […]

Apple patents colorful carbon fiber technology
What’s a week without news about a new Apple patent right? Well, here’s one for you this week. The folks at Apple Insider have discovered a patent application from Apple, titled “Composite Laminate having an Improved Cosmetic Surface and Method of Making Same.” Despite its confusing-sounding name, the patent simply describes a composite laminate placed over the frame of a device, including a “scrim layer” which allows a product like […]

Bluetrek CARBON Bluetooth 3.0 headset now on sale
The CARBON Bluetooth 3.0 headset that made its way over to the FCC last week has now been officially unveiled by Bluetrek. It is the world’s first Bluetooth headset made of carbon fiber – giving it super strength and balanced weight. It solves the problems with Bluetooth headsets being too heavy and unable to balance in users’ ears. The CARBON also has Noise Lock noise cancellation, wind and echo cancellation […]

Blackbird Rider: the super-light guitar that will make your wallet even lighter
Blackbird Guitars has just announced the release of the Blackbird Rider – a travel-sized guitar (3/4 the size of a full-sized one) that is made almost entirely out of carbon fiber. It weighs merely 3 pounds and is designed in such a way to give out as much sound as possible despite its small size. This was done by making the whole guitar from one piece of carbon fiber instead […]


USB jackets keep you warm
Heated jackets aren’t anything revolutionary, they’ve been done before, but this is the first time we have a heated jacket that can be charged through a USB port. The Electro Amp jacket was designed by a former Intel engineer and uses carbon-fiber strands for its in-jacket heating elements instead of metal wire, which tough yet not restricting. With a battery that lasts 5 hours on the lowest heat setting, you […]

Carbon Fiber Windows 7 Tablet Hack
While there are plenty of tablet devices at Computex, if you were to walk into a store nearby, there still aren’t too many Windows 7 tablet devices available. So what do you do if you want such a device? You could do what this modder did, which is grab the motherboard and 13.4-inch display from an MSI X320 notebook, add a resistive touchscreen, USB hub, internal Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips, […]

Sony Vaio Z Review
The Vaio Z Series has been re-introduced by Sony at CES 2010 to spearhead its laptop line-up. It is supposed to be the best Sony can offer. It blends raw power and ultra portability in a good looking shell that encompasses a carved aluminum core. In 2010, Sony updated the Z Series with Intel’s latest Core i7 and Core i5 processors, making the new Vaio Z much more powerful, while […]

Superbus Designed By Students Make Public Transportation Look Cool
It’s not often you hear something dubbed “super” and find out that it’s also an eco-oriented product, but that’s just what the Superbus is. The students at UT Delft in the Netherlands have come up with a prototype Superbus, which is an electric-powered machine, sporting a carbon fiber shell, low chassis, and 16 individual gull-wing doors. Thanks to its lithium-polymer battery pack that powers its motors (up to 800hp if […]

HMK 561 Carbon Fiber Electric Bike Concept
The HMK 561 Carbon Fiber Motorbike might seem like it’s from another planet, but seeing as there’s already a prototype in place, maybe humans did come up with it after all. The HMK 561 has special electrical properties that hold power right inside the frame. Since Carbon fiber is conductive, the designers are using it to distribute power instead of wires. The power will be used to power the lights […]

Carbon Fiber iWallet
Are you constantly worried that someone steals your wallet and gets all your hard-earned dough? Well, the iWallet might help you keep those pesky thieves at bay. The iWallet is a Kevlar and carbon fiber box with a fingerprint reader, so you’ll be the only person able to open it. The built-in Bluetooth will allow the wallet to detect if it’s too far away from your cell phone and sound […]