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HMD Partners With Carl Zeiss For Cameras For Nokia Phones
For the longest time ever, Nokia and Carl Zeiss have been pretty much synonymous with each other, with pretty much every major Nokia phone released in the past guaranteed to sport Carl Zeiss camera technology. However with the recent Nokia releases, there was no Zeiss tech in sight, but that will change soon.

2017 Nokia Flagship May Feature Carl Zeiss Lens
The three new smartphones that Nokia launched at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona last month don’t feature Carl Zeiss optics like previous Nokia handsets did but the situation is not what it once was. Does this mean that there’s no hope for Carl Zeiss optics to return to Nokia handsets? All hope may not be lost yet as the rumored 2017 Nokia flagship is expected to tout a […]

Apple & Carl Zeiss Rumored To Partner For AR Glasses
It is no secret that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook views augmented reality as being “better” than virtual reality, which would seem to suggest that augmented reality products could be in the pipeline for the company. Now it seems that more details about Apple’s AR plans have surfaced, courtesy of known blogger Robert Scoble who made a post on Facebook (via MacRumors).

Ubergizmo’s Best of CES 2016
And it’s a wrap! CES 2016 is over. The 49th CES has brought more attendees and attention than ever. With 170k attendees (50k from abroad) and 6000 journalists and analysts, this was the largest CES ever. It is simply impossible to see everything, but we all thrived to tell you what we thought were the most interesting, sometimes out of the box, products of the show. This is our selection, […]


ZEISS VR One Headset Will Support The Galaxy S6
Back in 2014, Carl Zeiss announced that they would be entering the virtual reality market with the launch of the ZEISS VR One headset. Basically the headset functions similarly to the Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard where the headset acts more as a holder for your smartphone, with your smartphone and an accompanying app giving you the VR experience.That being said, the company has recently announced that they will […]

Carl Zeiss VR One Headset Available Today
A couple of months back Carl Zeiss unveiled a new product that it had been working on. The company showed off a manufacturer-agnostic virtual reality headset called the VR One. Today that product is finally available for purchase. Those interested in picking up a VR One unit can place their orders today. Carl Zeiss will start shipping units to customers from Monday, December 8th.

Carl Zeiss Unveils $99 VR One Virtual Reality Headset
When the name Carl Zeiss is mentioned, we tend to think about cameras and photography and how Carl Zeiss’ lenses tend to be found on the more high-end of camera equipment. Well it looks like the company is venturing into the wearables market as they have recently announced the Carl Zeiss VR One headset.As you can see in the image, this is a virtual reality headset that seems to be […]

The Brand That Is Formerly Known As Carl ZEISS
Carl ZEISS drops its first name in the brand to become just ZEISS.

Nokia extends their deal with Carl Zeiss for future smartphones
Carl Zeiss has been known for putting out some pretty high-quality lenses that do not come cheap, and that is probably one of the features that Nokia is trying to advertise for some of their phones. The good news is that if you were worried that Nokia might one day drop Carl Zeiss from their phones, fret not as Nokia themselves have announced that the company has extended their business […]

Carl Zeiss announces new E-mount compatible Cine lenses
Photographers who enjoy the clarity and picture quality that comes from using Carl Zeiss lenses will be pleased to learn that the company has recently announced a set of four new Cine lenses. These new lenses will be compatible with an E-mount camera and is expected to start shipping come August 2012. The first three will fall under Carl Zeiss’ “Compact Prime” series of lenses, although based on its size […]

Sony opens up its E-mount interchangeable lens standard to manufacturers
We previously caught wind that Zeiss and Schneider would be manufacturing lenses for Olympus and Panasonic Micro Four Thirds (MFT) cameras and now Sony has a response of its own. Sony has announced that it’s opening up its E-mount specification to all lens and adapter makers from April, allowing them to come up with lenses and adapters for its NEX line of cameras without having to pay any license fees. […]

Nokia Phones Getting Dual-Core CPUs, Optical Zoom Coming
At the International Mobile Internet Conference, Nokia has announced some broad plans for its smartphones by announcing an aggressive update schedule for its Symbian devices. Now that the company has re-taken over the reigns of Symbian development from the Symbian Foundation, Symbian will get four or five updates over the next year or so. Nokia says that a new home screen, a more contemporary user interface and experience, and an […]

Carl Zeiss Cinemizer receives OLED technology
Carl Zeiss’ Cinemizer head-mounted display has received a hardware upgrade in the form of OLED displays inside, which should further increase the image quality whenever you place them in front of your eyes. There is one major drawback about the Cinemizer though – we’re talking about 640 x 480 resolution (VGA) which is by far and large not enough in this day and age. On the other hand, this model […]