zeissI am quite sure that many of us are familiar with the name Carl ZEISS, especially those who are huge fans of the world of photography. Well, the “ZEISS” part is involved in far more than just being in the realm of photo-optics, as the company has been around long enough to be involved in a pretty wide industry scope (pardon the pun), having dealt with microscopy, metrology, planetariums, and even semiconductor manufacturing technology. Having said that, Carl Zeiss has been using the “ZEISS” brand for some time already, and we see most of it on smartphones that carry the “Carl Zeiss” branding on their cameras.

In order to ensure that there is a greater level of consistency across its brand, ZEISS will start to label its lenses differently, where it will now be called ZEISS, plain and simple. You will not find any changes made to the company’s products, other than the branding department itself. So far, the early benefactors of this change in brand direction has been some leaked images of the upcoming Nokia EOS device that carried a PureView sensor plate which has been engraved with 41MP and optics by ZEISS. I guess Firefox isn’t the only company who wants to reinvent themselves on how people perceive them, no?

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