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Sony PS3 3D Firmware Upgrade Confirmed For This Summer
Do you remember the 3D goodness on the PS3 that we checked out at CEATEC 2009? We previously mentioned that the 3D firmware update for the PS3 would be arriving in the summer, and now it seems that we’ve got more confirmation on it, as the latest episode of Qore, Sony’s downloadable PSN promotional series, has confirmed that the 3D firmware will be released this summer. Aside from that, there’s […]

CEATEC 09 wrap-up
CEATEC, which is the biggest consumer electronics show in Japan, is always a good place to see concepts and trends from some of the biggest electronics brands. Despite the recession, there were a bunch of interesting to look at, and if you missed last week’s coverage, here’s your chance to catch-up on the best stuff from CEATEC 09. 3D Stereo TV and projectorsEveryone that makes displays was showing some kind […]

Panasonic Life Wall
[CEATEC 2009] We visited the Panasonic Center in Tokyo where the company has a huge showroom. The most interesting demo was the “life wall”, a wall-sized screen that is Panasonic’s vision of how visual our life can get in the future. The wall is interactive and can display any type of data. As you move around, the content follows you. As you get closer or farther from the wall, movies […]

Kohjinsha PA Series
[CEATEC 2009] Kohjinsha has unveiled their latest PA Series MID at CEATEC, and we like the extremely svelte measurements of 161mm x 111mm x 10mm (26mm when extended), tipping the scales at a relatively lightweight 400 grams. You won’t be able to use this to get your work deadlines done when you’re under pressure, but it ought to provide enough juice to handle just about all of your portable entertainment […]


WiMax-based personal WIFI hotspot
[CEATEC 2009] UQ, the sole Wimax carrier in Japan was showing this personal Wi-Fi hotspot device. It connects to the internet via WiMax, and serves as a wireless router for your personal devices. It’s like a MiFi, if you are familiar with that one. When WiMax is not available (in the subway and other “difficult” places), users can connect freely via Wi-Fi, thanks to the partnership between UQ and paid […]

Great 3D stereo kiosk from the Heinrich Hertz Institute
[CEATEC 209] The Ceatec show arguably had way too many “3D” (stereo) TVs this year. Not only they all have similar functionalities, they also require glasses, which is annoying and not family-friendly. This 3D stereo kiosk does not require special glasses and displays the best stereo 3D that I have seen so far. It can do that, thanks to a pair of cameras that track your eyes, it can adapt […]

Soundwalk, the wearable speaker that's almost 'tactical'
[CEATEC 209] I stumbled on these strange looking speakers while walking in the Hall 4 of the show floor. They look like some kind of water pack, but you are looking at wearable speakers here. Apparently, the manufacturer is aiming at customers who would rather use speakers than headphones, may be bicyclists, for example. Anyway, I tired them on and I was surprised by the sound quality. It sounds good. […]

KDDI camera-based controller for phones
[CEATEC 09] KDDI was showing this bizarre “joystick” for mobile phones based on a plastic tube that is stuck on the back of a cellphone by a magnet. The idea is to attach this white tube so that the phone’s camera can look into it. At the end of the joystick, there’s a color pattern (one red and one blue square) that the camera can track by “seeing” any motion […]

OLED Chandelier
[CEATEC 2009] As OLED becomes cheaper to produce, it will be used not only for displays, but also for lighting. The main advantage of OLED is that designers are given much more freeedom when compared to traditional or fluorescent bulbs. This chandelier was exposed in the “Green IT” section, although I’m not sure how low the power consumption is.

3M MPro120 pico projector
[CEATEC 2009] The 3M Pico projector is not only cute, but it can also display a 640 x 480 image ranging in size from 8” to 50”, depending on the distance to the screen. It’s not very much, but it can scale an incoming video signal down, if you connect a higher resolution device. Now, I’ll admit that this is clearly not the best setup to demonstrate a projector, but […]

Sony shows off OLED all-display laptop concept
[CEATEC 2009] Sony is showing a few cool OLED prototypes: a reader, a bracelet and a laptop. The most eye-catching one is the all-display laptop that ditches the physical keyoard in favor of a virtual one. It looks amazingly light, but you can bet that no one was allowed to touch the concept displayed behind thick plexiglass. The display is flexible and Sony was demonstrating other panels playing video while […]

KDDI 1Gbps IR short-range data transfer (updated)
[CEATEC 2009] Sharing data among gadgets has been on KDDI’s plate for a while. While last year’s demo comprised of a prototype handset, this time around KDDI is using real handsets, even if that one is still a little thick (most cellphones are around here). At 1Gbps, the data connection should be fast enough to allow quick data transfers to and from the phone. Note that this is a theoretical […]

Yamaha VocaLoid Humanoid Robot
[CEATEC 2009] This Vocaloid Robot was presented at the Sekai Camera booth. I saw it yesterday, but I wanted to get a closer look before I share it with you all. Its creators have worked on making the skin, facial expressions and the lip to synchronize in tandem with whatever it verbalizes. Right now, the head is the only body part that moves and she still looks very “plastic” (Terminator […]

Nissan EPORO robot learns driving from fish
[CEATEC 2009] Over the past couple of years, Nissan has used cute robots as a mean to communicate their R&D efforts and it’s hard not to pay attenton. This year,a group of EPORO robots (six) were shown rolling around in a tight group, without ever colliding. Nissan says that it was insipired by how a school of fish moves. Of course, the robot is small but Nissan hopes to incorporate […]