Sony Stereo 3D Camera and Projector

[CEATEC 2009] Sony was demonstrating its most advanced stereo 3D tech in the form of a (huge) camera and the accompanying dual-image projector (above photo). The camera can shoot stereo 3D footage using a single lens (huh?) and separates the left and right images in the camera. The dual-output (L+R) projector plays the content back normally. Glasses are required to see in stereo, and the footage looked really good when they don’t try to overdo it (extreme close-ups). If you remove the glasses, you see a normal image instead of seeing the garbled L+R images (not sure how that works). This is one of the best stereo demo that I have seen in a while. The camera was big, but it could totally be used to produce IMAX type of content.

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