Cell Regza Next 4K2K HDTV inspected

[CEATEC 2009] Yesterday, I checked out a gigantic 4k2K ($ x the 1080p resolution), but Toshiba wants to see that in our homes, so they presented a prototype at Ceatec. So, how does it fare? Well, on a 50″ display, it looked a little sharper, but it is perceptually far from being 4x sharper. I’d toss in a 15% improvement in sharpness just to give you an idea. Why? The display is simply too small. It is like comparing 720p and 1080p on a 36″ display from 2 yards away. On 70″ TVs, it should start really making a difference as even 1080p becomes a bit fuzzy. Toshiba is eager to ignite a resolution arms race because they can outgun competitors when performing image processing, thanks to the CELL processor embedded in the TV. A similar processor powers the Playstation 3.

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