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Buzzfeed: LGBT Apps Censored By Samsung And Google In South Korea
Samsung, the conglomerate that some might say to be a prototype to that of the fictional Umbrella Corporation, hails from South Korea, a country that has the fastest internet connection speed in the world. It seems that Samsung and Google had laid down the banhammer on popular gay social networking apps from their online stores, at least according to the folks over at Buzzfeed News.

Apple Censors 'Barely Legal Teen' From iCloud Emails, Attachments
Apple’s iCloud has seen better days as it’s still experiencing issues from its early-morning outage, and now we’re hearing reports of iCloud emails and attachments being censored.According to Macworld, Apple’s iCloud email service has been caught deleting emails that contain the phrase “barely legal teen.” Two test emails were sent using personal iCloud accounts, the first one having the worlds “He’s a barely legal teenage driver” while the second email […]

Google ordered to censor search terms in France
Despite removing certain terms from its Autocomplete and Instant search features, it looks like Google still isn’t doing enough to please the authorities. According to reports online, the French Supreme Court has ruled that Google should censor the words “torrent”, “rapidshare” and “megaupload” from its AutoComplete and Instant features. I’m not sure why because Google has already been doing this for some time now – last year, in fact. Maybe […]

Google and Facebook remove content in India
Google and Facebook have complied with orders from the India government by removing pages that are deemed offensive to Indian political and religious leaders, which is in compliance with a court case which raised censorship fears in what is deemed to be the world’s largest democracy. The Indian government has, for the past weeks, exerting enormous pressure on 22 Internet giants to remove photographs, videos or text that have been […]


Protect-IP law, the 5mn video overview [must watch]
There’s a new Internet law called PROTECT-IP that is about to be voted in Congress,  and you need to pay attention to it. PROTECT-IP stands for “Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act of 2011” and its stated goal is to fight against copyright infringement from non-USA entities, and it is estimated to cost $50M of your tax dollars per year.

In China, you can't say the word "protest" on the phone
We all know that China has one of the most controlling governments in the world, especially when it comes to the media and censorship of free speech. Now, it looks like they are monitoring phone calls too. According to some reports online, last week a Beijing entrepreneur was discussing restaurant choices with his fiancée over the phone last week and quoted a phrase from Hamlet, “The lady doth protest too […]

China rejects accusations by Google
In response to Google’s recent accusation of China blocking Gmail, a spokesperson for China’s foreign ministry stated that Google’s suggestion was “an unacceptable accusation.” For those not in the know, users in China have had problems accessing Gmail. Google looked into the problem and announced that there are no problems on their side, and the problems with the service come from the country itself, in this case, China. After a […]

Google says China is blocking Gmail
If you live in China and have problems accessing Google’s services like Gmail, it isn’t a problem on Google’s side – it’s China. According to Google, they discovered no technical issues on their side after extensive checking out problems users have been having – inability to log in, errors when sending email, and instant messaging not working most of the time. Google has mentioned that the problem seems to stem […]

3G Amazon Kindle Manages To Dodge China's Great Firewall
Amazon’s 3G Kindle seems to have a rather useful feature when used over in China. Reports are out that the eBook reader manages to dodge past China’s Internet censorship system, allowing users to access a wide range of content that is typically blocked by the government, such as Facebook and Twitter. It isn’t clear if the authorities made a conscious decision to exempt the device from regulations or if they […]

Google Nexus One censors swear words
While Google might be at loggerheads with the Chinese due to censorship of search results amidst other philosophy wrangles, they’re certainly keeping up with their “Don’t be evil” motto. Why do we say so? The Google Nexus One was specially designed to censor swear words when voice recognition is turned on, where all detected profanities are converted to #### marks. Of course, this works only with the English language we […]