Gmail logoIf you live in China and have problems accessing Google’s services like Gmail, it isn’t a problem on Google’s side – it’s China. According to Google, they discovered no technical issues on their side after extensive checking out problems users have been having – inability to log in, errors when sending email, and instant messaging not working most of the time. Google has mentioned that the problem seems to stem from the country itself. Apparently the government isn’t too happy with their users making use of the search engine giant’s services especially after Google has refused to comply with them when asked to censor search results for banned websites. And with reports about hackers from China, rumored to be working with the government, attacking Google – it’s not hard to see why it would stop its citizens from using Gmail. The company refused to mention if they’ve brought the issue up with the government, and it wasn’t made known if the problem will be resolved anytime soon or if Google are going to do anything about it. But in the meantime if you’re living in China, it would probably be better to use an alternative email/IM service if you want something more reliable.

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