Gmail logoIn response to Google’s recent accusation of China blocking Gmail, a spokesperson for China’s foreign ministry stated that Google’s suggestion was “an unacceptable accusation.” For those not in the know, users in China have had problems accessing Gmail. Google looked into the problem and announced that there are no problems on their side, and the problems with the service come from the country itself, in this case, China. After a feud which started when Google refused to censor their search results, the search engine giant and China haven’t been exactly on the best of terms, so when Gmail didn’t work properly in China, Google accused China of blocking the service. But China’s spokesperson dismissed such allegations, which now leads us to think – either Google or China are lying or there is a third factor or another party involved. Either way, let’s hope this problem gets solved soon. In the meantime if you’re in China and you need access to reliable email/IM, you could try an alternative service.

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