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Century unveils LCD-8000DA auxiliary display
If you’re shopping for an auxiliary display, Century has unveiled their new Plus One auxiliary display, the LCD-8000DA that is scheduled for a launch in Japan come 9th of December, although no word from the company if they have plans for a launch in the US market or anywhere else around the world for that matter.

Monolith iPhone 4 case with built-in projector
If you’re looking for an iPhone case which combines a battery pack and a projector all rolled into one, the Japanese accessory maker, Century, might have just what you’re looking for in the form of the Monolith casing for the iPhone 4.

Century APRI photo printer for iOS, Android devices
Own an iOS-powered device that you use to snap plenty of photos with, only to realize that the hard work of archiving everything is going to drain you eventually, while sending those photos to a photo processing company that has one of those nifty photo printing machines being too much of a hassle? There’s always a DIY solution if you look hard enough, and for those who are stuck in […]

Century offers the Tribe USB 3.0 portable drive dock
Century’s upcoming device, the Tribe, is a USB 3.0 portable drive dock which will take advantage of the blazing speeds in which the USB 3.0 standard offers. It is also rather tiny in terms of size, sharing roughly the dimensions of a standard mouse. Interestingly enough, there is also no need for a power supply since USB 3.0 bus power is able to offer more than enough juice at 900mA, […]


Century LCD-10000U 10.1-inch USB Monitor
Folks over in Japan who are looking for a 10.1-inch USB monitor should be quite happy to hear that Century has begun selling its LCD-10000U 10.1-inch USB display, offering a 16:9 aspect ratio, 1366 x 768 pixel resolution and measures in at 161mm x 249mm x 34mm. Connectivity for this monitor comes in the form of a USB 2.0 connection which also powers this monitor, and will set you back […]

Century EX35EU2R RAID system
Century Japan’s EX35EU2R RAID system is its latest RAID 0/1/3/5/10 that allows you to – count it, stack up to five 3.5” SATA hard drives, with a maximum capacity of 2TB per hard drive, totaling a whopping 10TB for you to play around with. The Century EX35EU2R RAID system will in turn be connected to your computer through a choice of USB 2.0 or eSATA, where the latter would definitely […]

USB hub with switches
What you see here is but a standard USB hub, although it comes with the added advantage of letting you know which USB cable is connected at a glance thanks to a LED which lights up. Each connection will be equipped with a switch, allowing you to have full control over connecting it or otherwise. Looks a wee bit too bulky for our liking though, but at least you have […]

Century 3-in-1 USB Docking Station
Century has come up with their 3-in-1 USB docking station that measures roughly the same size as a netbook, featuring a CD/DVD burner and an internal SATA connector that allows you to expand your storage capability by throwing in another 2.5″ SATA hard drive or SSD. A couple of USB 2.0 ports allow you to hook up at least two more devices of your choice. Make sure the included AC […]