Century offers the Tribe USB 3.0 portable drive dock

Century’s upcoming device, the Tribe, is a USB 3.0 portable drive dock which will take advantage of the blazing speeds in which the USB 3.0 standard offers. It is also rather tiny in terms of size, sharing roughly the dimensions of a standard mouse. Interestingly enough, there is also no need for a power supply since USB 3.0 bus power is able to offer more than enough juice at 900mA, letting it handle even the largest 2.5″ SATA drives without a hitch. This makes it all the more portable since all you need would be a standard microUSB 3.0 cable to handle it. Century’s USB 3.0 dock will also be able to offer remote drive imaging, secure wiping and serious anti-virus sweeps when the situation calls for it. No idea on whether it will make its way Stateside yet since it is on sale on the Japanese online store for the equivalent of $50 at point of publishing.

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