Own an iOS-powered device that you use to snap plenty of photos with, only to realize that the hard work of archiving everything is going to drain you eventually, while sending those photos to a photo processing company that has one of those nifty photo printing machines being too much of a hassle? There’s always a DIY solution if you look hard enough, and for those who are stuck in such a quandary can check out the Century APRI photo printer that was specially developed for iOS-powered devices.

This compact photo printer will be compatible with iOS devices ranging from the iPhone 3G all the way to the iPhone 4 (no idea if it will be forwards compatible with the iPhone 5 or not), the iPod touch and iPad. Wait a minute, what’s this? It will even play nice with Android-powered phones if you for one reason or another have no love for iOS.

This is made possible as the APRi ships with a dedicated iOS and Android app, and the lack of a webOS app means one thing – your TouchPad or Pre3 would be pretty much useless with this. Printing resolution isn’t high end at 300 x 300 dpi, making this more of a fun than professional device.

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