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Roll up Travel Charger is a convenient yet classy solution
For those who travel often with multiple devices, i.e. smartphone(s), cameras, tablets, etc, instead of lugging around with you multiple chargers (which could end up getting pretty heavy), perhaps Restoration Hardware’s Roll up Travel Charger is a travel accessory worth checking out.

ThinkGeek's U-Socket USB Wallplug
A lot of our smartphones and tablets and other electronic devices are starting to feature USB charging options, which means we won’t have to lug around an extra charger when we pack to go overseas but sometimes our USB ports are full, and so are our wall plugs, does that mean you won’t get to charge your device? An alternative would be this FlipIt! USB charger that we reported a […]

Free electric car charging in San Francisco until 2013
San Francisco will provide free electric car charging in various parts around the city, at least until 2013. Not only will select city-owned parking garages offer this service, the San Francisco International Airport will also offer a similar service, according to Mayor Ed Lee’s office today. There will be nearly 90 new plug-ins that are specially designed to deliver a “top-off” supplement for home chargers of electric car owners, who […]

European standardization bodies formalize micro-USB cell phone charger standard
It’s been about a year since Nokia, Apple, RIM, Motorola and other major cell phone makers out there agreed on a Micro-USB cell phone charger standard for Europe. Now the two key European standards bodies have gone through all the messy details and published the standards for a universal cell phone charger based on Micro-USB. With this in place, future phones in Europe will need to support Micro-USB charging, which […]


Grassy Lawn Charging Station
Technology and nature don’t always go hand in hand, but the Grassy Lawn Charging Station is making a serious effort to make them jive (in a way). There isn’t any technological advancement here, but it does make a nice charging station that could decorate your desk. It features fake grass and a compartment beneath the grass hides all the ugly power adapters and cables while allowing your devices to rest and juice […]

EletroHub Wireless Universal Charging Station Takes a New Twist
We’ve seen various concepts for cord-less universal charging bases before, and the industry wants to standardize around a wireless induction charging protocol, but EletroHub’s wireless charging station takes a new twist. Rather than creating a custom phone back plate–like the Palm Pre’s back with the Touchstone charger–or outfit a device with a special skin that connects to the device’s charging port to speak with the charging base unit, EletctroHub will […]

New Power Outlet Cover Allows You to Plug in USB Devices for Charging
A new power outlet cover takes USB charging up another level by allowing you to plug in two traditional power devices, plus the outlet can accommodate two USB devices for charging. This way, you’re not wasting a regular power plug for a USB charge adapter. Best of all, the outlet’s deisgned to save energy with no vampire current drain when nothing’s plugged in. The outlet is designed by FastMac and […]

Toyota Avalon offers wireless charging station for iPod and iPhone
If you love living out the wireless lifestyle, then make sure you consider driving home the Toyota Avalon as your next vehicle purchase. Why do we say so? Well, it comes with a built-in wireless charging station for both the iPod and iPhone, thanks to designer Barry Hutzel of Bazza Design alongside Fulton Innovation’s engineers. This automotive charging station can simultaneously dock your smartphone as well as iPod for continuous […]

Your iPad May Have Trouble Charging On Certain USB Ports
Some of you who received just your iPad might have encountered some issues while trying to charge it, possibly getting the “not charging” message when you plug it into your laptop. Well, it appears that this has happened to quite a few people, and the reason behind it is the use of high-powered USB ports and low-powered USB ports on certain computers/laptops. Taking into account the iPad’s larger display, it’s […]