EletroHub Wireless Universal Charging Station Takes a New Twiste

We’ve seen various concepts for cord-less universal charging bases before, and the industry wants to standardize around a wireless induction charging protocol, but EletroHub’s wireless charging station takes a new twist. Rather than creating a custom phone back plate–like the Palm Pre’s back with the Touchstone charger–or outfit a device with a special skin that connects to the device’s charging port to speak with the charging base unit, EletctroHub will outfit phones with specialized batteries instead. This way, you can still keep your back battery plate, and devices won’t require bulky skins or adapters to work with the ElectroHub charging station, which gives your gadgets and peripherals a cleaner look. The ElectroHub will make its debut in January at the CES trade show, and will come with specialized AA and AAA batteries for $39. For devices with non-replaceable batteries, like the iPhone, ElectroHub will also utilize the method with skins, like the Powermat charging station.

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