Your iPad May Have Trouble Charging On Certain USB Ports

Some of you who received just your iPad might have encountered some issues while trying to charge it, possibly getting the “not charging” message when you plug it into your laptop. Well, it appears that this has happened to quite a few people, and the reason behind it is the use of high-powered USB ports and low-powered USB ports on certain computers/laptops. Taking into account the iPad’s larger display, it’s obvious that it requires more juice, which your USB port may or may not be able to provide.

Generally, when you’re iPad is plugged into a high-powered USB port, it gets enough juice to keep it charged, but if you happen to only have low-powered USB ports, your iPad will still be able to charge, provided that it’s on standby mode, so that it’s not using more power than it’s receiving.

Newer Macs such as the latest iMacs and MacBooks seem to provide enough juice to keep your iPad going, while the older MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, and many Windows powered computers didn’t seem to cut it.

Of course, if you really want your iPad to charge quickly, the iPad’s 10-Watt USB power adapter would probably do the job quickly, as it’s able to charge your iPad in a few hours, even if you’re fooling around with your iPad during charging.

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