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WikiLeaks Wants To Help Tech Companies Thwart CIA Hackers
Earlier this week, WikiLeaks released a trove of documents claiming to detail the hacking tools that the CIA uses. One of the revelations made in the documents was that the agency is capable of bypassing encryption applied by popular apps like WhatsApp by accessing an Android smartphone remotely and pulling voice and message data even before the app has a chance to apply encryption. WikiLeaks has now said that it […]

CIA Can Bypass WhatsApp And Signal Encryption, Claims WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks today released thousands of documents that it claims reveals the hacking toolkit used by the Central Intelligence Agency to break into devices like smartphones and computers. This is the first time in quite a while that so many documents that are claimed to be related to the CIA’s operations have been leaked online. The trove consists of 7,818 pages with 943 attachment while WikiLeaks says that the entire archive […]

12 Million CIA Files Are Now Online
If you’ve ever wanted to go through a lot of CIA records, well, now you can. There hasn’t been a massive leak, mind you, the Central Intelligence Agency has put almost 12 million pages of its declassified records online. Anyone with an internet connection can now easily access those records. These records span five decades of intelligence reports and briefings that were once classified and hidden from the public.

CIA Reportedly Planning Cyber Attack Against Russia
The United States recently pointed the finger directly at Russia, accusing it of launching cyber attacks to undermine the upcoming presidential elections. A new report claims that the country is now planning to retaliate in the same manner. The Central Intelligence Agency is reportedly preparing to launch a cyber attack against Russia. Such actions are obviously never really disclosed to the media so it would be best to take this […]


CIA Invests In Skincare Line That Collects DNA
According to a new report, In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the Central Intelligence Agency, has provided funding for a company called Skincential Sciences which markets “skin resurfacing” products under its Clearista brand. The products are designed to make your skin look more “youthful,” and if you’re scratching your head thinking what does the CIA have to do with clear skin, well more than you and I could have imagined.

CIA Declassifies Hundreds OF Top Secret UFO Documents
UFOs have been an object of fascination for us for decades and will remain to be for decades to come. There are plenty of theories out there about aliens and their visits to our planet, some say that the government is hiding aliens at Area 51, others believe that the CIA has a treasure trove of top secret documents that can confirm their existence. If you’re someone who’s interested in this then […]

CIA Opens Official Twitter Account
It has been about time, don’t you think so? The United States Central Intelligence Agency, also known as the CIA in short, has finally jumped aboard the Twitter bandwagon, in an effort to engage themselves in a more direct manner with the public, while ensuring that unclassified information on the agency will be “more accessible” to the masses. In typical CIA style that has gained a fair number of approvals […]