According to a new report, In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the Central Intelligence Agency, has provided funding for a company called Skincential Sciences which markets “skin resurfacing” products under its Clearista brand. The products are designed to make your skin look more “youthful,” and if you’re scratching your head thinking what does the CIA have to do with clear skin, well more than you and I could have imagined.

In-Q-Tel was set up back in 1999 by the then CIA director George Tenet. The venture capital arm of the country’s premier intelligence agency mentions on its website that it’s an independent and not for profit organization that just wants to bridge the gap between technology and the U.S. intelligence community.

Documents obtained by The Intercept reveal that Skincential has developed a patented technology that strips a thin outer layer of skin painlessly and uses that to collect unique biomarkers that can also be used for DNA collection. This technology will enable the CIA to get data on people’s biochemistry that’s unique to all humans.

“If there’s something beneath the surface, that’s not part of our relationship and I’m not directly aware,” said Russ Lebovitz, Skincential CEO, adding that “they’re interested here in something that can get easy access to biomarkers.”

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