UFOs have been an object of fascination for us for decades and will remain to be for decades to come. There are plenty of theories out there about aliens and their visits to our planet, some say that the government is hiding aliens at Area 51, others believe that the CIA has a treasure trove of top secret documents that can confirm their existence. If you’re someone who’s interested in this then you’ll certainly like so see some of the top secret UFO documents that the Central Intelligence Agency has now declassified.

The folks at the CIA can actually be humorous, we saw how things went when the agency posted its first tweet, so it notes in the update announcing that these files have now been declassified that X-Files’ Fox Mulder will love to use to convince other people of extraterrestrial activity.

Some of these documents offer details about investigations the agency conducted after flying saucers were reported over East Germany in 1952, or when saucers were reported over Spain and North Africa later that same year. It’s very interesting to go over them and see what the agency initially made of this UFO debate.

It has also declassified five documents that it believes Mulder’s partner Agent Dana Scully could use to prove that there’s a scientific explanation for UFO sightings. These documents are from the late 1940s and 1950s, it has even released several pictures of presumed extraterrestrial objects like UFOs.

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