When it comes to watching movies, sometimes it’s hard to beat the cinema experience thanks to the comfy seats, huge screen, popcorn, the company and let’s not forget the sound system and room acoustics. Of course some may prefer watching movies in the privacy of their own home, so while a 30-40 foot tall display may not be the most feasible, perhaps LG’s HX906TX 9.1 cinema sound system will be able to make up for that.

According to LG, the sound system is said to deliver “truly 360-degree sound that envelopes viewers in audio — both horizontally and vertically — like never before.” Pretty lofty claims, although given that it is a 9.1 sound system, we can imagine that placing it all around the room may be indeed be able to deliver what LG is claiming.

This is achieved through the Upright 3D Speakers that pumps the sound upwards and ensures that the vertical space is completely filled with sound. Additionally there will be a 360-degree Reflector inside each of the Upright 3D Speakers that helps to reflects sound in all directions, creating acoustics “as rich as those in a concert hall” although we’re pretty sure that the room’s acoustics will probably play a role in determining the quality as well.

Through the use of LG’s unique 3D effect DSP algorithm it further expands the horizontal sound field, which complements the Upright 3D Speakers.

It also features Blu-ray playback, WiFi Direct and Smart TV connectivity to smartphones and tablets through an app. No word on pricing or availability at the moment.

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